Lecture about The Obscure Cities

Great learning today from the lecture about the graphic novel series Les Cités Obscures published by Casterman, the two Belgian comics artists François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters. Read more

 1-  It seems Jules Verne has many times visited the Obscure Cities to gain inspiration for his writings and according to Benoît Peeters many other artists, philosophers also did -such as Kafka! That’s comforting for my journeys 🙂 and inspiring to hear!

2- It was great to be confirmed once more that artistic style is not bound to medium unless that would be a need of the artwork and concept.

3- It is also great to hear that a quality storytelling can afford any type of drawing/medium and nowadays publishing and reaching to audience is so affordable (also financially).

4- I found myself nodding when he said that François Schuiten really needed that his skyscrapers and machines are working and loveable. They must!

5- So intriguing to hear that the fictitious character Mary von Rathen in the album shows up on this plane and sends letters to the creators that she really exists: http://www.theobscurecities.com/home/

6- ingenious to have two city energies separated by one river! Haha I call it a solution to duality without compromise or mutually exclusive and can occur at the same time

7- time creates a firm partnership between the two like minded partners in such a way that their story recreates them to continue its (the story) life, the story becomes alive. They come to a point that the illustrator becomes the author and visa versa.

8- almost a secret in stories that are alive as such that at the start you do not know what the magical element is . The one that will become a driving factor and lead and give form to the story but stay as magic by keeping its pure nature within… magical elements remain invisible. For this part he said it was the color element.

9- Ah yes of course beware of the details! 😀

the fictitious ingenious professor demonstrates the solution of a rather complex equation and it turns out that the result in the published version is incorrect for two digits and many readers send letters weeks long inquiring if the result should be revised!

10- many parts of the comic album has been used by artists for their works but also fictitious teaching methods has been adopted and used by teachers and architecture by inspired architectural projects.

11- super cool and funny – the idea of the Leaning Girl – http://www.theobscurecities.com/alaxispress/    – we all have our leaning sides I believe.

12- and so yes: you will see and be the story and you can only see the story when you believe in it and be it.

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