spinach- herb dish mix recipe

my new spinach herb mix not to forget because it was super lekker! 🙂

cut onions, turn in hot olive oil for a while.
fine cut and add: celery, same size of carrots, fresh garlic, fresh ginger
add spinach leaves on top of all – i added many

mix all moderately and let it cook by mixing and turning and by your own mobility until a point that you know you can let go for a while …
(I think some fresh salad leaves could also fit on top)

the color of the total mix should definitely make it look harmonious and also make you feel happy 🙂

fine cut and add pieces of a french prune for a secret sweet flavor
and some herbs for the mystic – i used thyme (what i had at home)

okay also bits of sea salt and red hot pepper to spice the spirits up

grated walnut goes on top and some sink inside to trigger a wonder about the fine nut oil chew.

*correct amount of the ingredients should be felt during the process of cooking
*cooking process starts already while deciding about what to cook
*cooking time depends on body language during cooking
*when you commit and are well simulated with the process it surely becomes a kind of dance
*the better the harmony, the more delicious it will be!
* 😉

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