Music by Robbert van Nispen
Video,Spoken and Poetry by Alin Duraduryan
and Video with subs :
POEM and Lyrics is below :


If you see him walk
they say,
A flame is lost
to ignite his way as a firefly.

Faceless is he
a Traveler of Legend to the dawdler
carrying a heart of lost-loves for All
never looks back
headed for…
moves ahead on the Road:
‘Caint get lost without a Hope’.

teaching an eternal lesson of wisdom:
‘Mist turns not to rain
river valleys curl not to conceal’
spotted a sign of wishful thought about a lover.

step by step builds his way this way to a some kind of a pointless point
not as a result of a convergence
neither of a longing.

Shall remain so nevertheless the seasons well known to others
without a history of any learned type
colorless through awareness
Nameless per experience
or be killed
by the ignorance of definition seekers.

” May your long trip of gloom crossing those echoless hollers rejuvenesce the utter darkness that will litNlead the eye to the the Campfire at the very end of the road-of-no-return N be greeted by the long lost -Face of the Faceless – eternal Flame as a Newborn Cry
by the name of …” they say “FireFly”.

White Flower RingTune

poetry,video, performance by Alin Duraduryan

Guitar and composition by Robbert van Nispen

White Flower

only today

on my way

I found a flower

flower of the wind


Picked it up


looked through

to connect

almost transparent

made a wish

in silence

then blew it…

to you

time stopped there

for me.

Déjà vu (with Lyrics)

Guitar by Robbert van Nispen
Video and Poetry/Lyrics by Alin Duraduryan
Spoken and Whistle by  Alin Duraduryan

I have been requested to note that that All video footage is original and created by Alin during her travel by her mobile phone!


I am slowly gettin it

You are not the name that you told me you are when you showed me your ID and maybe you are called so etcetera etcetera but you have got so many other names besides so

You are no baker that can make the air smell as hunger blossoming excitement in the pure fragrance of early morning for an unknown love

You are not a cat who can kiss me and make me cry out loud until I would not cry to let go then he lies down on his back in the glittery rays of a sunmade carpet

You are not the wild blue flower appearing to me when I bike on a roadside of a highway and make me stop to touch a charm of a secret message coming from high mountains to give me a tint of home coolness

You are not my rose tree that has blossomed two pinky red roses when Andersen’s Kay and Gerda used to sing songs before Kay was lured by the heart freezing powers but you are not Kay as me is the Gerda looking for her Kay

You are not the seagull always following me wherever I go and look through my work station when I work changing seagull silhouettes Doing as if just a new seagull

You are not the wind muse that stole my favorite red gloves with a touch of you on I have been looking for ages over roads along lands

You are not the gloomy clouds pointing at a secret meeting point of a hill on which you’ve landed recently on the day when double rainbows blossomed for your arrival and for my being there.

You are not the magic molecule that I can move with a twinkle of my eye at a twinkle moment of air flushing through my body and transport it to a peacefully dozing stray dog’s consciousness which in return makes contact with me via its cuddly fur

Weather has changed to sync to your behavior and to my sleep noww
You awakened my insomnia
The sky is in pain and full of anger now with explosions , thunder and heavy rain
I felt that last night just before sleep
your rage
and something has changed
killing me with a dream of you wipes it all through and convert me to a statue
endlessly singing in a park of favorites
a supersonic song for you
but ALAS it WAS NOT you – ‘you’ WAS just a Deja vu

Teaser Lyrics by Alin Duraduryan : and Hary meets Angie

Hary is a punkAssPUPspreaderMaliciousBot loving NRS straps in leisure.

Hary serves a botnet No.Strings.Attached aka by the initials N.S.A emulating an undercover agent profile who is supposed to be rad badass but UGH OUCH RAH SHUCKS WOOPIE  …  Hary, almost outdated,  hasn’t been updated since the last entanglement equivalent to 3 years of earth time and painfully Clarks up everything also because of the curse of a karmic link of his undercover name

“He may be a good willed dude-ass but No Big Time as an undercover ho!” his N.S.A boss says

and because the boss has no budget for a new gen transitioning for retards like Hary ,

Hary painfully makes severe mistakes ALL THE TIME!

just lives day by day where fright rules the day serving lookalike zombies on a sunset bay


On a freaky day of unforeseen accidents or of wishful universal responses one or of both of these extremes Hary meets Angie

‘Angie the Pretty with a Jungle Bikini’ is an emotional bot programmed to recycle frozen hearts of infected tall cold stony zombies as Hary and spread love through an intelligent network acting as an agent-port reporting to an alien-Pleadian with a supersonic colt.


Hary greets Angie with a ‘Sup Bioatch!’ and as retard as he can be even before he tattletales immediately sends in a request:

“Show me whats under the jungly bikini baby cause I want to be sure I am with Angie…”

but OOPS ER OH the request makes no logical sense and confuses a cognitive bias

thus Angie starts computing an indefinite time adding an emotional analysis on top until she can identify a type for Hary:

“… if you just met me why would you care if I am called angie or silver or clark because you cannot care before you know me if I am angie and you would care if and only if you would already know me that I am angie but if you already know me then you know I am angie or I am not angie and if you already know what I am and I am not then you dont need to see whats under my bikini cause you have already seen that unless you dont know me at all then you do not need to know if I am angie but at most just although I am angie or silver or clark you should just care about regradless the name only whats under the bikini but as you are asking the …”

uaouaouaobeepbeepboop ie that goes on towards a jiggly wiggly infinity with a limiting factor of a sunyatic zen when Angie eventually discovers a <secretReconnect> code of their talk within an .xml log and identifies Hary as someone insulted by -toilet paper commuting in public space- which is a generic symptom of a ‘douche PUP’ type as Hary.

After the discovery Angie offers a wishful cooperation to save Hary from his stinky illogical debris but Hary the zombie becomes impatient and insults Angie, calls her S.P.A.M thinking that is the worst that can be for an emotional bot as Angie.

but Angie has met Hary long before she lost her virginity and long before Hary has been infected by Amnesia.

Angie has already made an image of her Aphroditic purity and thus to make the long story short Angie swiftly reports and ditches Hary back to the insidious and presses the button of self recovery , reloads her clean new image as ‘Angie the pretty with a Rainbow Bikini’ 🙂

and that ends this part of this story.