Tomorrow may bring grief or thrill but today I travel to a place where all weighs the same

wishes fall
as a piece of pink rock with a heart
to a mountain lake

hey the ripple
shake and slap and break
the reflection of an untouched land
create a tunnel of truth
an absolute audibility
to the spirit of  the identical
they reside at both ends

and convert it
to a whirl of universal secrets

secrets to those That Are
so that They can Be

and restore it back
back to the ripless beauty.

P.S. A Burp!

just a poem it was
A poem of love at most
in the form of

a flower,
a rainbow,
a bird ,
a tune,
a word ,
a picture

Some came in written
in technological terms
Some quantized
as futuristic incense

You have sensed it all
the untold
Even long before my say

Not ‘the all’ go though
You know … once you can close yourself,
set a fence…

but in that latter case
although you may have done your best
to shut these gates
It seems they have reached premises against
without my knowing
aethēr so lucid does trespass
once built an absolute bridge through souls of equivalent selves.

Each n every time is  mine a hopeless cry to make you furious ?
A touch at the physical and meta-physical to eventually develop anti-sense?

Naturally so easy
As you reside at an exact opposite side of me

Angered n equally frustrated
in rage of a momentous burst
You  sell my identity
to a dreadfully operating net-entity
and target me as if to spears
oh how that really hurts
maybe you wished so
but no not really

a boomerang brings in a rhyme
of a thoughtless action
returns it to the center of a rotating spiral
where you stand
the exact opposite end

I won’t allow though
You to frown
this way you learned to simmer n cool down
became a clown of your own ghost town
as we’re entangled beings
already since sometime

so let me just also have fun
Instead of you- bring me down
On the competing wheel game of up n down
Oh no there we sit not anymore!

Realize to have targeted a wrong one
Once it is so much alike  an opposing side or a town or a crown
Of you and both eventually you!
So wonder in sane what did I do
And put a SPAM mask on
To warn me through
and clearly do as if you were one of them:
an Intellect-Deficient-Agent scam.

So let me just  P.S.  a burp here now
Haven’t learned to develop gallstones of anger to compete thyn
but joy at most with a parasympathetic smile
Take it as a blessing if you like or a teasing
that she has you loved so without your willing
and equally convert it to a bile.

Joker Hearts!

Video, edits, poetry, spoken, written, directed and performed by : Alin Duraduryan

Drums: Robbert van Nispen

Poem/Lyrics :

Joker Hearts

I broke the bads Damn!
beyond the saddened eyes of a Notorious Funkyman

As if me were you
just to catch an incognito glimpse of you

Oh how I wish that’d stayed a joke in town
haven’t shitted like a bird on my head n convert me to a punk
cannot turn’t back
such an irrelevant inconvenient run
was dark dark
dark brown
beyond the thickening curtains shattering gossipers
at hours before the break of dawn

I don’t do with tarot cards
my heart longing burning for your mirage
allows me not visualize

truth as is cruel
so I blow a puff
high tigh tight yotabye
n bluff you up
only how I wish was that a dream now but no man
t was no funky man
although with a funkyman
was so bad bad
and I! after

as bad as you can be in hearts
and still me is so good in dance
nobody could score us! …Once we have had fans.

Read you thru the minds if not hearts and broke it open now!
saw yours was not true talkin to me
although remains so lovingly
eyes with glittery in memory
as sad as it can be
if you not yourself convert it later on to … jokingly
I say … like you
keep this a secret itsmak for luck only
then I knew what you meant…
then I saw what you saw…when you looked at me

I looked at him not with fake eyes of you oh love me true
and said Goodbye.
ie rolls a colorful bead – its a gift
with a who knows what future brings
me nodding agreeably
for the phrase only
Nay its neither for you nor ie
future a farewell at most
to include you both
and me
and I promise me
never I break hearts by puffs again
will stick to tarot cards
keep tis a hard learned lesson past
where heart allows
if not minds.

16 Kb Fuzzy Sunday Song

A fun project created and live performed by Robbert van Nispen and Alin Duraduryan

I feel so Silent Today
Its Sunday
You Play a Tune
The Leaves They Move
Hold A rhythm to My Gaze
You Say
Say Something From Far Away
It Shines but
I am a Bit Knocked Out
A Bit Fuzzy TODAY
Floating still
Beneath a Prairie

I feel so Great Today
Its after Sunday
We met to Recharge and laugh and
WatchTouch and

A lot of Impressions Indeed
my Power Friend
but it Shines
shines Inspiration
Towards a next Tune


Guitar and ‘Yeah Yeah Oh Yeah” by Robbert van Nispen
Video, Spoken, Poetry and Performed by Alin Duraduryan
ironing by Alin 🙂
Full poem/Lyrics Shower are below:


You say let’s call this ‘Shower , that’s on ( maybe a little steam ) with nobody underneath it from a fixed camera position. In black and white…
Made me wonder, makes me wonder from the the moment you sent the file
how would I accomplish that aura of steaminess through evaporating droplets?
on what instance and why?
cannot say , could not connect
but wonder – wonder up to this day
not this moment – now it is as is now
I may not have reached to what you’ve meant cause I suspect it was no meaning but a personal experience that could trigger the tune for you but
would that be valid for us, for all? The collective minds?… to include the all?
makes me wonder but I’d rather not ask.
I’d rather not know your story, your personal
the tune tells so universally.
It’s not your life story that brings us near rather it is the tune dearest to the heart
well indeed who am I to talk about the heart more than you!
I’ve learned a wisdom yesterday about what I thought I’ve had…
a strength has fallen apart seeing myself as heartless as you possibly could be and a realization follows that the heartless do not know they are so!
As said I’ve never known…but do now…
same as the day mom said icy cold is not to fight against when you may recognize – detect it as pain.
Until that day I would have never called icy cold as pain.
Cold is a wonder with its purity – a purity to dash my skin until I would learn not to fight against then it would be eternal harmony of joy, an energy to trigger the forwardness just just that until that day I haven’t even defined but is that true to accept it as pain and say it hurts because it is hurtfully cold now?
It helps to socialize the icy cold for the sake to bow heads and maybe a moment of silence to harvest yoga mudra – a place to convert like a magician so it doesn’t stay visually as pain and expands towards whatever it expands to…more than one branch, to branches and eventually a whole.
I think there possibly occurred some kind of link- one of this universal ones that purposefully moved us apart so the cycles could occur as in the case of heartless/thoughtless awareness.
Changing and accomplishing roles all the time , dancing arm in arm , making turns in turns so that with us by us all the rest will turn, glow, flow, grow and hopefully for joy by joy someday on a day that will be a dayless day at a point of truth an absolution just.
So it seems we have passed the summer this way under this shower of thoughts of release, a contemplation achievable during secretly squeezed, wishfully found only for you type moments of a day and let go the droplets – watch disappear through the shower drain.
Let us call this shower of mental silence maybe or purification by interdependency.