Alin’s quick and easy ‘Orange Soup’

2014-11-24 15.07.09

My ingredients:

1- an organic orange pumpkin
2- yogurt
3- fresh garlic
4- some nutmeg
5- fresh ginger
5- oregano (origano di montagna – gift from Italy)
6- thyme and mustard
7- red pepper flakes (Turkish pul biber- super hot ones – gift from Turkey)
8- black and white peppercorns (freshly ground with a pepper mill)
9- some sea salt
10- some droplets of olive/nut oil
11- parsley for decoration
12- fresh lemon during serving – (I use the organic pale ones mostly a preference of size and shape of what I used to call ‘normal’ for a lemon)

cut and boil an orange pumpkin (if you are ready to say goodbye to it of course- I have hard time sometimes to let go OF a beautiful kitchen decorating pumpkin )
then add all the rest from 2- 10 during mixing with a mixer

Add parsley for decoration on top while serving (also for color contrast green with orange) and lemon juice while eating (nicely neutralizes taste by adding a pinch of sourness to the sweet).

My best measure of ingredients go by feeling, color, structure and some speed – JUST like dancing with the soup kinda energy – Oh and mmm and don’t forget some variation of bread and cheese on table.

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