Lo La

performed by Alin Diraduryan and Rob van Nispen
Music and sound mix : Rob van Nispen
Lyrics and Video: Alin Diraduryan
Thanks Robbert and Lola for inviting me and inspiring this great mix all the best of luck* in your new house! 🙂

come on! put on your fancy pants!
you say, there’s honey on my hands
or was that – was that …
your aaaaaaaaaasssssssssssss!?

crunching fallen leaves –
looking for a guitar now.

oh no rush- no hurry
hush you the breeze
play a cool theme of color
leftover of summer
like an orange or green red blue yellow and serene

walking on your side
with my fancy hat – glittery in the head
on a spacey -gorgeous roadside
under a fall’s sunlight

oh looking for a guitar now
that plays the tune of a magnolia tree

oh dream catch me – rays of the blossoming tree
just for me, for me, for the flowerless me
cause I continue singing for you
oh for you, for you, only for you.

but here it comes again
dim lights – before dusk or dawn
through the kitchen window,
as a shadowy side line
no, no, it’s not inviting the pasts ghosts for supper,
not so scary – not sorry- not to suffer,
not so moody anymore,
it’s gonna be fun! just fun!
we’re gonna have pasta with broccoli
after chocolate and petting the pussy

hey where are you hiding kitty!?!
come on out! – tune in to our song 
oh where are you
come on out now
la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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