Good morning!
You have been greeted by pink and orange roses this time.
Do you mind?

We actually have everything here!
They shape as we wish
under colorful prayer flags.

Flags receive their color
daily fresh from
rainbow harvesting lands.

We have dots of hopes breathing inside.

Look! here is one drawing,
etched by a child for you.

She says it is you and her
walking hand in hand
entering a building
which would look like home for you.

She says if you look carefully
you won’t feel lonely here.

They do shine really
these dots of hopes
She too is a dot of hope.

You just don’t need to think
It’s that easy
so they can outline with you
even almost literally

A cool warm indigo spot
hidden behind the imaginary walls of an igloo.

An igloo is made of living frosted color glass
We call them our red blue green recharge huts
similar to your dreams:

it is something like
when you would see a remote tea-light
with the side of your eye
and make it an ardent nautical sign
of an early morning
that fades to a call of
a nameless
well known
yet unexplored
future memories
it is still so still

slowly then
yellow catches up

our sun
outpaces dawn
and mixes up jazz

an ensemble we are then
something similar to your differentiable landscapes
but ours are nowhere-differentiable

so please hold that little girl’s hand now
She will teach you home
this time.


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