Cosmic Fish

the one made of fume and ice
the soul of the fish
as big as human
holding up in her arms
under full moon
to the beach of the ocean

her transparent nudity
broadened the dark waters
to balance the embodiment

as she stood
to bless and be blessed
by her gift
as flesh and blood

the wind

made of her long hair
cosmic desire

across ahead
ripple glitter

an angel

made of
of light

o the roughened
as if twilight

o the moonlight

the she
made of

or illusions
or of myths

same way
with a fish
in her arms

they exchanged
the yet not-materialized

in emotionless boldness

for a moment
that differentiates
upon acceptance

for the grounding
of being

as for her
it was not possible to deliver and leave

she was made of her gift
as much as she was she
as much as fish was her creation
she came to the sea

she stays as she stands towards eternity

if not right
let rendered solemn
and salute
the exploit of its rhetoric
if right
let the deed be its myth

for the generations unborn

she made of wisdom
of her gift
she made of moon particle
started flowing towards
the reshaping
rocks to coral
coral to light
in bits and pieces
moment by moment

as wavelengths of
the angelic
faded like
the fading diamonds

along the fins and scales
of blue orange green

the flesh
the immaterial but real
rose the sea smell

for a joyous jump

a big salty splash
created by
a rush
of life

glitter recouped
at dawn
with a rising sun

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