‘may all your wishes come true’

She sees a wish lantern in the sky
a cloud crosses
it disappears
and speaks

I am here
for you!
You the boldness on the path of heart
You the ace who sees me
You the gaze who creates me
Your wish is my command
wish me a wish of love
whatever you wish
shall become true
so we flourish equally
as your love appears to you
I’ll be a real star
that hangs in the sky”

“I wish you become a real star”
she says
and smiles
“Isn’t that such a good one as love?!?”

The wish light murmurs pitifully
“you should wish a wish
for a love in your heart
only then I can become a star”

“I wish then the love wish of the one in my heart be true”
and smiles
“Isn’t that such good one as love!?!”

“So be it then”  the lantern says
“Your wish will be granted
the moment  you look high up
find a place for me to alight
so I can eternally be a light
in the sky
you can only wish though one wish
and you can’t take it back when once wished
is this your wish?”

Before she can reply or look up
a sudden fierce breeze
as if summer
blows the leaves
along the bushes

a  scary “red Foxjinn” jumps out
dances madly
standing straight like a human

with one feet on one world
and another feet on another world
stretches his hands
and shows her a transparent oracle ball
made of her lover’s heart
presenting all truth there is inside

“Beware of what you wish for!” it says
Do you see!
The one in your heart
has already grown up
fully devoted for another”

“Aurora is her name :
a true love with one sacred green eye
She makes his heart burn
like flameless fire
his fire creates magical desire
full of passion
you can see them make love in northern sky”

if you wish a wish for me first
that I shall be served
as the king of the two worlds
with festive meals
I can reset the story
in my hand
and he –
he can be all yours

She frowns
looks down
gets saddened
a teardrop falls
vapor covers her face
as her cheeks  heat up

‘the  trickster!’ she says
she is very angry
so angry that
‘Oh beware of my fury!’
she expands the volume of the
-just sparkled by the tiny irritation of the unrighteousness-
like a firework
and  erupts:
“I wish you become the dawdler-king wishing love to everyone until you truly learn love”

that moment
the creature stumbles
slips on one foot
and lands with both
onto her world
to a faceless beggar
living in the dark only

She looks up at skies
sees the slowly disappearing wish light:

“Oh the bright light
I already have my part
I have got what I have
and don’t want what I cannot have
I saw you once
spoke to you
I know now that all love can come true
only when I know to wish true
let  the love wish
of the one in my heart come true
and shine through’’

A beggar in the deep dark whispers
‘may all your wishes come true’

the wish light disappears that moment
‘maybe another cloud’ she wonders
a street ad appears
cuts her way
until she sees the written
‘the skies are yours!’

She looks up
beyond above the giant board
and sees a twinkling star
alight in the sky.

A tale by Alin Diraduryan
23 Jan 2015
for a dawdler-king
based on a true story –
I am grateful to little miracles that teaches us daily and which we desire and dare to see

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