Alin’s Türlü recipe- a vegetable stew recipe

2015-03-30 20.16.17

What’s in there:
green beans  /  1 sweet red paprika  / 1 eggplant  /  zucchinis
/  2 medium onion /  1 garlic / tomato and tomato paste /
salt and pepper / some brown sugar /  ginger /  coriander /  mixed herbs /
rice or olive oil  /  warm water  and a pressure pan.

How to prepare:
add small amount of oil to the pressure pan and stir the sliced onion with garlic
add eggplant and paprika slices continue stirring until limp
add ginger and green beans on top
Add warm water less than the half of the pressure pan
Add tomatoes and tomato paste
Stir the mixture to spread evenly
Add sugar, salt, pepper and herbs and stir again
close the pressure pan and cook 35 minutes
Let it steam for a while in the pan before opening the top

It is delicious with carbohydrates : bread, rice, couscous, potatoes and with skimmed yogurt
I like it even more when it is refrigerator cold usually leftovers for the next day.


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