I never knew
trees move
with all of their insides
along horizontal lines
and towards vertical ups
in curly circular
turbulent motions
and never keep still
reach to the tiniest
on top
one by one
time by time
non stop
and unitedly
create wind
All of the winds of the planet!
I thought it was otherwise
I thought they kept still just
Wait to speak somehow or mumble
until the winds would show up or
bow their heads
until they’d be swept away
choicelessly accept move or die
but no
they move as such …
by all their insides
so that
winds are created
upon their dance request
It is a call to ventilate the earth
and they have eyes !
different than ours
they can see multiple skies
they whirl
so clouds can pass
faster than we know to see
they see
as if we accelerated a camera motion
but also they see more skies than one
not like us ….just one
not like us ……only when we look up
cause their eyes make the clouds and skies pass
and all that they do  is all they can do
because they are rooted to the earth
fully …. here they are
always one with the earth
always supported by the earth
only to create that curly vertical
neverending motion
so that it delivers
same frequency creatures back to the earth
I never knew that they are so busy
always at breathe is not easy
for simpler ones like us
imagine not a gap alone
oh no
I never knew
until I became
a tree

Alin Diraduryan  Poems

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