Aging Date

I look through the mirror
to see your bold face on mine
you know well
I like seeing me pretty
shining your brightness through the mine

but hail at times like this
I so love to charm bees
it’s the corner blowing a holy breeze
setting up the pattern of a date
of my aging dreams

maybe today
maybe tomorrow
I say
first time after a decade
to be delayed again
for a no appointed time ahead
keeping it as a morning dream

when others sleep
only then I feel alright
by afternoon it all sinks down
by sunset  I am bored after a shag –
It’s just rolling cigs you bet
maybe we still are  fine –
but  holding a lighter is its only remaining charm
and the smoke pulls me apart making me its own
i wanna smoke but the smoke wants me not
as if … and  the illusion of the mind

talking about it …just a hype
that’s why I only stay inside
to read my unwritten dream
but who knows who knows I say again
with an envy I reckon before sexy highs  disappear in sighs
I shape my red lipstick to absolute lines
to be faded away after an apple
replacing an imaginary kiss
I walk out
with you again
doing as if I am alone


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