There is a Dove

They say something is truly computerized
yes or no? yes or no ?
which one? which one?

BETTER throw a dice if you wanna know
but no it is a BIG YES of course!
that’s what they should be saying – truly


WE –
however –

we don’t have a proof
that it truly is so
and we never may have
and actually we don’t even need to spend our time to find out
if they are right or wrong
It is more important to understand why we discuss this matter here now
and we can explain the reasons in two basic steps:

1- believe not  and do not become a blind believer  –
to whoever – to whatever- no matter who – no matter what –
there is no one who can tell you the truth
but you –
you may not need to like it all – but
that’s always for a good reason –
if you make it good

2- understand what is of essence now – thus  – the thing- maybe a poem- maybe a result of a competition – maybe this – maybe that –
why that specific thing comes to my/your attention now

it does not matter
if it is computerized or not –
what matters is
I see it and it communicates with me
and with my senses
and is at my attention

it manifests itself to me  here now where I truly am

does not matter how it manifests – but it matters that it manifests

and the answer to why
is by my experience creating an action –

Only what I can neutrally and  non-judgmentally witness I can purely experience  –

and purity
has surpassed frights
and purity
has no addictions
and purity
does not swing from moon to sun
but remains centralized-
and purity
needs no temporary replacement that serves to escape from one pain- discomfort to another
but purity is ultimate self – is itself by itself
therefore what is presented to me here now is not other than what my consciousness is manifesting as –

it is not a test -because  we have passed all the tests –
there is no teacher other than the self-
it is such that we are moving on –
on a path of knowing of our own true nature

And now
that ‘s why!
that’s why!

There is a dove
in love with me

comes to see me daily
and listens to my songs

it ain’t matter if it’s not the same dove
although I know it is
not because it looks alike
but because I know it is
and still it ain’t matter
if it’s not the same dove

because there is a dove
in love with me
comes to see me daily
and listens to my songs

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