A Trail of a Smile

Is it you or is it me or is it our destiny
that the weather changes whenever I contact you ??

‘but I am gonna come man
I am gonna come this time
no matter who or what
cause i know it ‘s a set up’

‘like that impossible scenario
of the nationwide delay
or the sudden flat tire
or our burning fire
for dinner maybe -remember?
and we both knew
what needs to be extinguished first’


I have a friend
i know
and we celebrate
in all facets
the change of the seasons
once or twice a year
physics that leaves
a  trail of a smile
at the corner of my mouth
lingering until the next time

he tells stories of fume shapes
that blows in one or two
and fades
as the daylight

more of a focus of a moment –
a surprise
about its visibility
an appearance just
that the daylight too knows me
when I am not afraid to be
what I truly am

stay if you want to
But No
you know me not?
and your new flower
beautiful  she is
and tomorrow

tomorrow is future

I wait in the cover of late night
at a station alone
so peculiar
the sudden appearance of a pigeon
the only not sleeping one by my side  at that time
travellers of
one vertical one horizontal line
but I know why
I smile inside
seeing me smile
from somewhere else
feeling this body
like once in a scary dream
I said “hey but you are dream”
and quickly woke up
but now I am still awake

it also knows  why
‘it feels good’
we know for a moment
then forget
a moment to celebrate
to be kept  alive
for others
to visit and experience
the information preserved in that
seemingly matterless shell
it is a memory thing
you gotta be free to forget
and create
and fully be what you wanna study
without losing the awareness of your thousand selves

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