The Exterminator

Written , video, performed by Alin Diraduryan
Drawings by Thomas Amons

The Exterminator Subs

I think i don’t need to feel guilty that I killed that bloodsucker at the bathroom
Do I ? … MMM but I still do

and I warned it since last night
Kept it there
Showed  the way to the ventilation –
It didn’t go

then I thought maybe that’s not a good exit for flying creatures
Maybe there are spiders waiting and it knows

I did not want it to be trapped so
I left the door open and made an effort
to shut the door of my bedroom

in case you know

because I normally keep the doors open
Didn’t analyze why yet but not so fond of shutting doors –

I also left the balcony door open
one whole day

after that I did the cleaning of the bathroom
even sprayed some odor afterwards

it is not my favorite you know
fake odors

but anyway

just to scare it away
in case it hasn’t gone yet

and I also told her to go away
once silently
once singingly

I cannot imagine after all
the message does not go through

and guess what

after all that effort

it was still there


waiting and buzzing like they  always do


so I attempted to flush it away

I missed first but it has slowed down already somehow
second it was gone and  done

what am I supposed to think about this
that maybe it wanted to die?
and that it wanted me to kill it?

for whatever way

I still feel sad now
replacing the buzzing to inner sobs
sob sob
sob sob

two hours later in the bathroom
damn no damn
still here
you should know what you wish for
you should know what you sob for

one day later in the kitchen
as you found your way out now
I will neatly place you in a jar
let’s see if there is a cardboard
I don’t dare really touching your leg

and off the balcony
go now
and blessed be


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