Clouds of Mystery Pourin


clouds of mystery pourin  

painting by Alin – mixed media -ink, pencil, ballpoint, watercolors, crayon

Clouds of Mystery Pourin (a tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival Song – ‘Who will stop the Rain)

below with the written and the spoken versions by Alin:

I was cleaning my brushes on an old aquarelle paper
actually to start with a new mystical adventure
Preparing my soul to
embody the body and the mind
to re enter a living cloud
of dreams of reality
of dreams of reality
not analyzing but crossing
the reappearing colors of clarity
of forms
of myself
apart from the body
apart from the mind
that are the reflections of the spirit
of me
or of the colorful chakra flags whispering
it is September now

and reload me
in the early morning
letting me activate
the memory
of the loving traces
made by my delicate brushes
the night before

seeing the deep color of crispy blue
beside the warm orange lights of the bakery
heating up the after-rain coolness of the wet and serine morning
beside a tree that seems to already wonder about its leaflessness
and about little school girls and boys daily crossing
to become a temporary silhouette
– of jewellery of color and size –
well-fit to the autumn greyness of its trunk

While it was raining the day before
She said to her guitar teacher laughingly
“I will play today -all day long- Who will stop the rain
and maybe this shall stop the rain “
“Only if you play it right” – the teacher highlighted and winked a bit encouragingly and a bit cheerfully.

I am not there yet obviously with the instrument
a non expertise state of a starter
a no experience state of the starter
but yes –
maybe I am there with my inner tuning –
of an inspiration derived from the colors- spirits- muses – past lives
where such (well defined by consciousness) terminology could fuse to technical expertise that would make the thing –
the magic touch that would start and stop the rain –
and an expertise that could be developed in a second
or in a lifetime
only by surrender and knowing (inner) – and of choosing (the time)
only then we can touch matter knowingly- only then we can touch things –
then- we are love- they are love-
we are they- they are we-
we carry each other’s mark – but only lovingly-
so it is only for that time –
I humbly say (if there is something to hope for at all and place it in the illusive scheme of time ) that I can say “I have hope for …a future which could have been now…
and decide to experience whatever I am experiencing physically – as delimited- as temporary –
it is only for that
that timeless moment
technology combines spirituality
where all the stories fall for the code : always here but unseen (to my ignorance/ to ours)
written and pathetisad and censured under the cover of various so called branded ‘holy’ to scare away pure knowledge and serve power agendas – truth is one and non-dual – yes only then ….

It is layers and waves and dimensions and lengths and postures and asanas and
of consciousness and of clarity of the self we are entering to blessed facing and retrieving and becoming one with all of ourselves

It was raining
I was cleaning
first my house
then my mind
then my brushes
wiping off gently
while listening
while watching
the pouring
letting it mix
with the ink
on a good quality aquarelle paper
that offered a very good base
to it all
and this picture happened
keeping the memory of the mountains in my heart
and this picture Yes
as my guitar teacher says
Only if
Only if you play it right
stopped the rain

spoken version:

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