My Pink Dahlia

‘Shall I go or not
Shall I go or not’

‘You don’t question as such
when the day starts
It ain’t matter
neither of the two
or both
questioning is futile
one is what will be
let the course free
you know it
action shall be the reply
so prepare just
let that course tell you
prepare thoughtless
in silence’

‘Am I not feeling a bit unwell today?
do you think it all is flowing right’

‘or do you want to stop the flow
by thinking about it
prepare just
do as I SAY
Shush now
in silence’

Yoga is not a practice
Yoga is not a state
Yoga is being
there ain’t a teacher other than yourself
and so
I listen to her
do as she says
and it works

the lightness of early morning
is truly other that the pre predicted
experience of I-the body
other than the I – the I
the I -not happy or sad

and once it slips away to
allow me wonder about
a reflection
in a heart shaped metallic ornament
hanging there above
as if smilingly …

if it could have ever been an artwork
or is it just knowing me
in this emptiness
on a mat
facing the colors of chakra flags?
A thought about a reflection
rises in pureness
gently mixes up with the fumes
of the river and disappears

I let go of the thought
I let go of the hint other than one the divine
I let go
of admiration
of beauty
of happiness
of just a reflection

This ‘I let go of let go’

challenges my limitations
to rid myself
of the whatever that needs to be challenged still

I wish to be able to leave
having dissolved expectation
as the sunlight slowly brightens by it
as the stories – old stories-with a spirit
glitter the ancient walls of a canal

makes me somber for a while
a while when I embody an old friend’s mind
he must have been somber seeing this
and so I try to convert it
to its opposite
while sipping my coffee
while knowing opposites
is no solution
on a wheel

but for fun
just an experiment I say
but nothing really changes
other than
‘it’s time! it’s time!’
and the bell
you are running out late!

was a poem in my mind
I read countlessly
without a title
wishing for a dahlia
remembering the rare black
I have seen on a summer solstice

today I look for a flower just
a promised gift for a vase
bearing a child’s heart
that’s why you should find it
or let it find you
or let you find it while it finds you
I don’t really think as such
just cooperate
with the wind
and the rays
and the moment of becoming the gift

and today
I found a flower
in the sunlight

eye to eye with
the one I knew it was
I politely asked
its name
the boy said
a pink dahlia
have a good day madam

the first autumn colored flower
a bit jollier than I would imagine
extravagantly bright shade
for the time

but maybe …the somberness
I recalled before
‘it’s time! it’s time!’
has changed
by my little experiment
of connected minds

I wished him a smile
to return his shining eyes
a shine
which I know
will also return sometime.



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