I feel that you’re sleeping

fluid landscapes

fluid landscapes – by Alin, 2015

I feel when you’re sleeping
my breath catches up
the rhythm of your breathing
while my body wonders
before sunset
whether that which
the eye sees
is real or a dream
Fluid landscapes cross the void
as I surrender to the aspiration
deeply immersed in the knowing
of the state of sleep you are in
You may meet me in your dreams
as a girl made of the colorless fumes
shaping branches of a large tree
longing for the fatidic aroma
of strawberry juice
which you may have tasted
but this very subtle point
is beyond
the waking state
at a point
where dreams fade away
at a point where we meet in truth
and breathe
as one
I feel that you’re sleeping

traboule by Alin, 2015

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