Three Teachers

I met three teachers yesterday
three unforgettable ones

one reminded me why I am here
one reminded me why I forget I am here
the last one is …will be…with me until I am

all are – meant to be  for this – and
from this lifetime

those that will linger on –
linger on eventually
as one

first one showed me why I am doing what I am doing
why in essence I started with such a practice
why I embody what I embody
why I chose to get lost in detail
why I be like a devotee to its technology-
a lover at times
and the true method of extending it through your life
learning to adjust my life around it
my life story… moulding around it
you should take that route in learning –
let your  physical self experience-
as we are here for that reason-
experience by our bodies-
challenge limited  selves’ perception- and eventually freedom –  freedom of creation

after the lesson I was cycling- became the lightness of the wind- half here- half pushing the ambience – as if the whole world shaped and reshaped around me by that cycling – which said – we are here to create- create just – we are here to listen to that subtle loving sound coming from inside- listen listen to that just – there is nothing else to hear- except that silence of knowing – all will pass-

I heard me say ‘I love you’…for a moment but no … I will only see you when I am as good as my love for you –
I did not mind about the maths that an objective part of the poor  mind starts calculating repeatedly to tell me : ‘ but that equals to one! ‘-
I observe her observations and let it be her business just- not of my concern I say firm – and watch my legs without looking –

watch how they cycle- how on earth could they all of a sudden get such power while an hour ago they were complaining ?- so then listen to the music just – enjoy where there is no resistance-
it is of course the network that works – makes my legs a collective part of its wholeness – when my motor is this music I have nothing else to do – just listen – I go by its rhythm – and play the challenging game of ‘not touching autumn leaves with my wheels’
while the new golden colored ones whirl  curl and fall down like crystals –

I reckon  these ones are on my side – just good omens to support my game because they are a part of this game mainly by creating a clink-clunq in my mind –
like the clapping music – yes I am listening to Steve Reich’s music for 18 musicians- can’t have enough of it- knowing opposites reside on one wheel just-

The subject that you are studying is for a purer reason than the subject itself or its valuable techniques – these are tools that helps you  climb the mountain-  so go around it dancingly as a valuable method – of course you may need to be its humble disciple that aims to be an excellence for its teaching however the excellence is always for the meditation that you will pursue for your soul reason without any attachment- there is no other reason than that  –
for ‘why you are here’ there is no discipline , belief system , a thing,  object , no nothing-
All that you see – touch- feel are temporary all that you have is you and
obviously you already know all  (all that you think  you don’t know)
otherwise how would you know that you don’t know!

Well  we are learning a method of communication here …she says – you can race by an accelerating train or become a child cycling in the same rhythm as that old man with a shirt made of the clouds – yes you can follow him – for a while just – slow down for a while just –  

and that brings me different greens from the fields which I have never seen before –
until he turns right to another road- until our roads diverge – until I have to speed up again to surpass that train – not to show off- but for fun
so that everyone else in this universe will be able to race a train with their bikes –
I was looking for an ingenious method how to pass a train by my bike –

only then I remembered  –  I am late
maybe without carrying time – my appointments – all planned by me and me and only then
the train became a train and disappeared –

I was a girl now with a bike – early morning – suddenly having gone too far – and she unknowingly found herself in the middle of nowhere-
and I made a turn against the wind-
as gravity started capturing my body – thoughts reappeared with lingering complaints:

at least take a flower from that road – pick one of these white ones- stop now- she said stop – but no – I ignored her-
slowly fight came into the scene- I recognized but ignored- calling up agendas, tasks, appointments making the fight stronger : knowingly – unknowingly- knowingly- ignoringly and found the shortcut back home

but just at that point
a miraculously unusual pink flower manifested itself and made me stop at once .

Yes I am for you! she said
Yes it is for me I repeated  – not to analyze further
and at once ran to pick it up

Oh that charming spirit…
It did not happen though  at once –  
it was a sign
but I have damaged it already

I realized what I’ve done
the flower was there to teach me a lesson
about things that I forget
about bliss that shows up which I can ignore afterwards
how do I ignore a truth in exchange of shadowing thoughts?!?
the learned stuff, the frights …be manipulated by these
and even do my big mistakes ?

I have always asked permission from the flower before picking a flower
I have never picked a flower this way before
After this act I wonder how could I turn it back , make it better, change or ask for help
would there be a method to …Other flowers of the same type a few meters away greeted me and said not to worry

but I was worried and could not accept it until the teachings arrived before the midnight

they say :
the flower appeared to teach you not to forget your reasons
understand that even at most impossible times “of bliss”
once you forget that bliss / your WHYs/ yourSELF
you may forget until you won’t forget i.e bliss is not a state 
it is the self
acknowledge what you call ‘mistake’ in humbleness
and even you can mistake the faulty self inside of you to a flower
the faulty inside of you using the image of a flower makes you believe be/do something that you could have never been
eventually No! there is no one out there who will be able to cure by any method to undo what you have done today /
it is not meant to return time  

it is meant to awaken wisdom which has answers to your question
this happened because you should  learn to heal that happening yourself
by learning to offer these thoughtS to a fire – the flower doesn’t mind

the flower was there to be a part of that moment of bliss – to gift it back to you by its appearance

Yes it was for you just but not to be picked up or touched – the flower was there to heal you just by its way of manifestation
the flower was there to make a part of the memory of that bliss that you at once could choose to forget – the flower was also there to let you understand that the time of such forgetfulness/ignorance has passed now at this point of your life

the flower will stay as an undying memory from now on
in your mind
it is also from now on up to you
to make it a gift or not

I understood what the other flowers meant when they said I should not worry
I was sorry like a child for the first time because as a child I used to talk to flowers silently – listen to them like a friend …

that flower gifted me back a dream
that flower became a truth of a dream
that flower that nobody else has ever seen

2014-09-22 18.05.39
 photo by Alin, 2014 


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