Love Cry

here was you first
and ever after
I made a yesterday

residues of a past
and woke up
in an enchanting sky
of a place
where I want to be

I said thank you
looking through

We were this blissful rue
made of pastel tones of pink blue
something pale and light
but still and still

blew face to face
me one side of the hue
you the other side as if
if we could have kissed
the sky would become true

I said thank you again
started fading
moving farther
away from me

you are alright now
you said
ready to go up

I cried
only that moment

I will never be able to touch you again
I will never be able to see you again
I will never be able to miss and paint for you again
I will never fear and hide under the blanket of your love again

and I cried
unstoppable tears
became rivers on landscapes
me cheekless
an aura just

why then do I cry I asked
are you sure I am ready?
are you sure the emotions
neutralized already?

you said
you don’t cry alone
see this crystal teardrop

you crystalized a teardrop
to show me that
my desire for you
is pure
pure enough to go
for us both

for us to be apart as such
is unbearable
for us face to face
as two auras just
made by our own minds
until we would realize
you are I and I is you
shape of you is in my mind only

I looked through the crystal
and saw the most beautiful bloom

you said
this is not yours only

this is a shared teardrop

when you cry it is I that cries
when I cry it is you that cries

and you left

I saw
my body reshaping
in the lightness of the dark
and felt that body
for the first time
again and again
after  the last time
as if
ages ago

how long has it been we were in exile?

questions disappeared traceless

No we don’t wonder
in our completeness

you were
my green lines
I was your red lines
contouring one line body
in each other transcendentally

I awoke
opened my eyes
in an inaugural
poetic physical balance
feeling us in the chest
us filling the chest
non separately
we became one

and looked around
a room we stood in
two trees outside
being shaken
by the storm
endlessly moving

however tough
even these branches
were surprised
seeing us
in one
as one

while they were rooted as two
while they knew to see
us as two
generations long
they mumbled
and Now!

we are  shockingly anew
so much so that
they stopped
got truly tough
first time
because of us
and kept it still  
like a rock
against the wind

like  a Ssshhh after a blast
engraved over the window glass
to be able to see us

Storm continued
in its furious Godliness just
as required

title is inspired by :
Four  Tet – Love Cry


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