Hocus Pocus

You and I

between the two streams
of breathe
which in reality
by simultaneity
at an absolution

…. four letters for you
….. five letters for me
….. five letters for you
…. four letters for me

says the hangman concurrently!

but in truth
this shall be
a place
without a search
of such futile words


we are not perfect if are perfectionists
and yet we still are what we shall just be
such is all letter equaling to one sound

there is this gap
made of flowing lines
which we call


‘imagine’ is a space
of compassion
that we allow to be
that we let ourselves in
and surrender
take shelter
for a while


for a while

of lifetime…?

then that
‘maybe a while’
lingers again – no?


it dissolves

at some …

its’ cause
to its effect

not too bad
it’s all acceptable
of course

let us sing
in Flashy letters
‘Who Cares!’

‘Who Cares’ …is the man!

do we have a choice?

Don’t we?

A black hole
is a time gap
that manifests itself
as space

it happens while
we –
the two lovers
the gatekeepers
of endless cycles-
the full moon
the new moon

– peel inversely
the skin of an orange ~as if~
in equally opposite directions

two right circular cones
balance each other
apex to apex
and turn uni/verse/s
and ~as if~ coming from a different source
while the orange has always been the same

for now
I throw my magic ball just
to the web of games
collect mind litter
which I filter
in the lab of dreams
to distill glittery
fairy powder

and what that does?

imagine just
you have all the time
don’t you?

but OK!
we shall meet ‘someday’
‘someday’ in your terms of course
yeah someday
we shall meet ‘somewhere’
‘somewhere’ in your terms of course
only for the rhyme
yeah only for the rhyme
cause there really is neither a day nor a where

when locus equals focus




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