and here I lie down
beside you

it’s my aura that clears
by your breathing
and holds
the colors of your hands

a synaesthetic dance of activated tips
sprinkle eight pointed stars
in the shape of crystal anise chords

along the  fluidity of your divine lines
fruiting perpetuity seeds
playing the plain  desire
for creatures receiving

just like
in an unwritten tale of love
where Two bodies breath
as one –
secretly permeate –  
laugh silently at each of the poetic
of a clumsily embodied asana

She wonderingly asks anew :

‘so What is your favorite pose today 
as the one that makes her lie there with him
in an ambiance of Shakti for Shiva ?‘

A bed of wildflower fields
are the touchpoints
of their physical
crossing landscapes of
an invisible dream
once found
only in the heart of a sacred mountain

through his magic breathe
the brightest of a day for her
as if lit by stars 

and fine
as she

pulled towards
the colors of nectar

exhaling the eloquent shape
of his fingers

remains naked

I remain
with you

under an  amaranthine dome
of this final relaxation


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