i am good

i am good is a place
of peace and bliss
i am good is a place where
cells replace to their primordial
and i am good
is no more wonder
than when he says
i am good
when i learn
it’s as easy as
to swap
the not good
to its antonym
like within a time
as long as
a slip of the tongue
and i am good
once again
because of what he says
because of what i am

we are good but
are you also good??

good is a place
not at the turn of an age / any age
in reality there is no age
there has never been a yuga
after Mahabharata

if you don’t want to
you don’t stay
in what has never been
in what will never end

there is no count for
one thing to end and for
another thing to start
no silly things like that!

there is no place
for a savior one
to show up

these are all residues
of a delusional mind
an anthropogenic
pollutant is expectation
that only awaits
and awaits
for a tomorrow
to resolve
a past! ?!?

which tomorrow?
which past?

no silly things like that
may you be
depressed by that!

a you
who values thisrthat
a you
who cannot be
whereas it
is one step
and not ahead
to here and now
to i

and no
no one can tell you
it is your path
it is your step

we already are
and we have always been
enlightened in Satya
and we have always been


inspired by someone who says ‘i am good’ 
thanks to the goodness that brings goodness

photo by Alin , Feb. 2016 Hampi

for He

Once I was a pretty girl
Made of a big leaf
and a strong root
that grew to
fields of fruit
On each of my birthdays
I used to wear a dress
made of yellow flowers

I stayed so
Thinking to be
As strong but
Unable to walk
Like a tree
Or a tree
I met he

who called me She
He a true
Human Being
He a true man
One of the strongest
Of its kind
dared to pluck
Me fully
For whom
I converted
A plant
As he says:

I walked the depths of
Mud hand in hand
With he
by which
my feet shaped
To toes
soft and pinky

He teach me
How to step
On the
Crystal shiny
Water smooth
Rocks passaging
A delirious rush
Of dizzying fall
Only by the sound of
Such gobbly bubbly
Sound of vertigo
He holds
My arm
Needles to ask
In sync fit time
He says
I help She
Because she is not
As strong as ….

Never using the word
Face of gentleness
With coal black
Shiny eyes
A smile like buddha
No he cannot hide
And no why would
When hide
İs only
İn my tongue

As he holds me
I feel light
Clearing my sight
As if on the moon
Defeating gravity
And voluntarily
The She

In my terms
For Once
the Weak

By his strong palms
He who raised me to the
Blue of freest skies
Made of the joy of lovers
Brought me
to a cleanest Lagoons
A Queen’s bath on another
Plane from where suns shine
Their brightest
to heal our worlds

And Lovers make love
As we walk hand in hand
Each of a stumble of mine
As if  a pure longing to touch
him longer
While i bathe nude
he politely looks the other side
And picks a blood red bloom
for me

Like a nature you used to be
And still are
A gift for you
he says  by his light
Shining the purest
without any expectation

A Flower once gifted to Shiva
She and he now
She and he now
As all pray
to be a blessing of love
Maybe a dream
Maybe still here or there
Maybe the color of the sunset
on a new moon day

For he
He who warmed my heart today
He made of divine light
He who never will read my lines
Lines made of words
But for he
He who calls me She
He who I know
already Knows
He who
held my hand
on a new moon day.


for Ramesh from Hampi

Enjoy yourself

Enjoy yourself
All my teachers say
So I go to the beach
for a chat
during sunset
I meet a boy
His eyes as  if
from an epic
I know
The wind is what he truly plays
I watch him
change the shade
which now gently displays
along the corners of
the boulders made
of the diamond
of the sun to
perpetually shine
its’ brightest
through the corals
of the hazy mind
I cannot hear
what he says
but listen to see
more of his
enchanting face
and keep this
as a beautiful
of romance
or a dream
delicately preserved
for times after sun sets.


A thank you to teachers of life and gifts   that understanding them brings.