Alas clicks past!


And so I am sure there is a technical explanation to this
I said to my friend sipping my tea still a bit heartbroken but happy

Happy to have been able to explain such complex matter
in fast – simple – straightforward way
much better than I could have ever done talking about politics or gossiping

He concluded : but my dear you know well we all live simultaneously in many stories all running along parallel planes.

then suddenly this silly invisible pretty dressed girl showed up
with shiny eyes
passionately kissing the guy in the mirror across us

under the same moon which I once scorned so cynically
while I kissed such and such boy first time
for his openness
that the moonlight shall define our act of romance

My friend’s reply swept away all such last small stains of worry regarding the current story and the past

and made me wish to equate the both as if a masterpiece
such that we have solved all the mystery of … which universe?
A mystery which seems not really happening now more than a flower’s  perception about our existence as pathetic .

I love my friend’s sincere attention and humor
and interest to stimulate the flow of our words:

but then I knew
my life story altered the other day

by his’
in -my -mind

Putting us all in this plane
that runs a version of his’
one of probable ones now
he ?

but possibly
because of something I might have done
and can speculate about at this point
just to be able to point at such possibility  

Something totally unrelated to a story that he is experiencing right now
has put us here to discuss this unrelated matter this way at this moment

and such phenomenon is maybe well known to all of us
and might be understandable by most of us

however the probable occurrence of it in the past
could have manifested objectively at this point
as an event that has already occurred in the past
is only because of what I have physically done
even almost at this moment of now!

And  I poured some more in the cup of our mystery before he has even replied

As a result of a wishful thinking! Of course I said
Which is also a result of a contact with pain and sorrow or its reverse

As Sri Krishna explains to Anjuna
‘This is the real meaning of Yoga – a deliverance from contact with pain and sorrow’

Now it is interesting to experience – even before its observation! (and maybe interesting that is the only way of observation here)

that a future act (A)
(if unpleasant to senses->an act  which in nature is disregardful to one’s own inner knowing)

has the power to activate all the means of an  event (X) (X is in the past relative to A)

so that
the event X can occur in the past relative to and because of the future act (A) – but x could have only happened in the past

to be able to manifest itself as the sole version (eX) of a (an unpleasant) story now in this plane.

And only after the discovery
The act of observation is left to us

Because of the receipt of the senses
Of the pleasant or of unpleasant

Not really taking them serious
knowing that
I had the capacity to ignore
what truly was important that time!:..:

an inner knowing
that was ignored

to touch
a temptation
of a click

opened these

one of which could have devoured us  
if we were not observant at this point

Anyway I guess my skin somehow saves me
and that’s a true speculation LOL!
Making me curious to understand
what the brain cannot
only there I knew
we have haunted
what might have never occurred

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