a wish
flies to skies
Swims against
the star-glittery
and inspires
the coolest of breeze
cincturing a mount ridge
to carve a glimpse
of an ice goddess
made of a pellucid kiss
O the flamboyant curves
of the temptress
abiding the blue-sky
shall too
one day vaporize
by the fire of a touch
to deliver
a seed of sprouts
within the dissipated
yearning of the fumes
lovers scintillate
aureate gleam
of the celestial bliss
on a non starry sky
whence becoming a home
to their eyes
the moon smiles
to exhilarate
by a dawn flower
born from love’s
secret meeting
unmanifest until
You have vivified
an unknown myrrh
in your dream
An aroma of
true desire
by which
shall be born
and reshape
most elegantly
most delicately
to dissolve
in the euphoria
of this incarnating bath
made of breath
the immaculate flavor
of nectar
like the mastic
of the pine
on your tongue
for I’ve left
my fasting heart
in vows of truth
to be able to
answer your question
about what I have meant
by my ’you are my first’
resurrecting letters now
to a whisper
clinging like a
perennial symphony
in your ears
only once heard
in the absence
of full trust
shall it too
this waking reality
from its truth

I would stay
then still
in your ears
to aid you create
A harmony born universe
of here
as you open and close your eyes
and teach me yogas
I shall not assume
of things and beings
Anymore but be
the one and the only
divine posture of the devi
that shall unite me to you


photo by Alin , Feb 2016
marriage at Vittala temple

your shimmering heart

From the way you say Hello
It is as if you’re someone else today

From the way you muted
It’s as if you were so tired yesterday

From the way I slept
it’s as if I could have been  goaded
to revolve against the clock only if
I could dance
holding the mirage of your arms

but not even once have I deserted the
warrior dreams of a mystic healer    reserved to us along three cities

From the way of knowing
our story or sound or breath
I trust as always
and behold you engraved
still in the mundaneness of this shimmering starlight
keeping the beauty of its trail
as an illuminating code of truth of all worlds
Knowing perfectly where I truly stand