When I think of you..

This imaginary piece has been written for my video ‘Animate Me’ : Check out at youtu.be/95Y5AhWmhY8 – I had to exclude this spoken version from the video as the line of spoken version did not fit to the genre of the video so I made a new piece / a suggestion/ maybe a new version on its own- the image is from the video

When I think of you
Your hands come true
to draw me
in two
distinct postures
of meditation
All the other frames
you animate
with your special pen
and I come alive
to dance our cadence
so that
your face gently illuminates
to inspire me dissolve
into a new distinct shape
of silence
where I admire your lines

we manifest as such
within our romance
and irreversibly
in three
we create
light of love
Sleep time
and Dawn

just slightly before eternity

And the sleeper wakes up in a dream finding out

what she thought was real has always been a dream
seeking on the side what she could have never truly been
And the sleeper wakes up in a dream to a dream first time real

plain nature doesn’t change by its defining word

She gets up from the invisible bed
Her body covered partially by a long thin semi transparent dress
She feels the ache of the heart that he has made real
Hears the creak of the still opening  gate
The heaviest of this  chamberless curvy cave  
in which generations long she has slept
or of that which she thought was real is now real
Pulls a shrill in thin ever stretching lines from my ears

so pale and weak
is well equipped
only by who she truly is
the shoulders open
to both sides
and in symmetrical lines

I am already awake because of you
I am that semi-pale languishing transparency
like my dress
but boldly happy

You can’t imagine how embracing someone is after being apart from the self

And I leave – leave that golden cage now
step in the midst of metallic rays
of reality


as it has never been
yet Truth as is

Your love
My love
Our love

I know my way – that is my strength
A star said yesterday
A path made of the material of the heart
Yet I have nothing to take with me
Nothing to cover my body

The gate
engraved by her now lulling dreams of ages
opens only because in truth there is no door

Wearing our bodies as a gift
we embrace
this knowledge of presence

A dream made real of you and I

In endless manifestations of things
this universe is making the skin
of touch
and of my temporal identity
just slightly before eternity

The arch of the door

As I pushed my shoulders to the sides
tried to approach each other singly at this solidarity
more and more
and got aligned
As the aligned equipoised
It felt as if something is pulling from my back down
I looked to the mirror but it all looked the same
Even more natural than it used to be
I looked surprised and the rest followed
Slowly adjusted itself
and finally
I could stand
at my normal height as I should and
could have always done
and finally
I could stand and look around and feel
as I am supposed to feel this body
in dimensions of each carrying the word ” the for the very first time ”
As I moved my shoulders apart and pulled it down a heavy creak was heard
The door of the deep dark cave
with many chambers – as if-
and once you open that door it never closes
and once you open the door the key is lost and
once you open the door the door disappears

The Key

thanks to my chats to my sister and Adam that inspired the making of the video and putting thoughts into word.
by dnalumuland


A compositional excellence/ valid in all worlds
it does not matter in this case who you are talking to
once the replies you give will be as subjective as your true self
and still is poetically valid in all words
that might be simultaneously residing beside each other
as a creation of the mind
manifesting in matter
which in truth is also made of the material of the mind
the truth of all things are energetic such is the body and the mind
and the material of the mind
when you know you will be able to see
they are made of some kind of blue light maybe
so it really doesn’t matter once you truly are
as you are
your chat to a stranger
the speculation of who that stranger is
does not matter for my reply
my reply aims to enlighten and be valid as poetry
on all probable worlds without discriminating -in this case-
and enlighten them one by one
solving total different equations and arousal of complete different stories on each of these galaxies
peacefully and not mutually exclusive
side by side
space by space
one and the same poetic reply in word and script of love
that is the key

see you in a dream…

I’ve replied you in the grossest of all forms here
and I may reply in all levels receiving your fathom
because you are not other than me

now I have replied on that level
of the grossest of all forms
for you to understand where I currently stand
I can never say no to you ..you know
but I can suggest …this way

and maybe silence you
and maybe make you wonder
about the nature of my-our truth

I live in a dark cloud right now
wearing a face of a cloud demon
as it is my duty to be what I’ve become
at anytime of observation of truth or
of nature of a ‘me’ that seems so apart from me
and you …
and .. oh that’s how I have deserted you!

but for what I am and is
I may see you only
having defeated any trace of expectation

because you are my full plainness
because that’s how to see :
by that which illuminates
is the eyes of love only
for I is being your inspiring energy

dating you on a star
made of the ethereal ice
decorating her hair with stardust
her lip gloss with luminous shades
heaves a remnant of a kiss
seeds a cosmic wave

I may see you once and once more only
when you dance
We are always on top of a mountain born from this dance
and You may see me
by excluding all preceding and succession of aura

‘Me’ in this dream is Always a first
We meditate with eyes open we create
This universe is to play hide and seek only
and with eyes close You are all around
and between my eyebrows as a solidity

You the one who read my dream
You the one with Will
who painted this dream as a knowledge
My dream has come true
and is not mine alone

I am it that became us
All of us
to this divine play
Making it real like a dream
but a dream that is not the other
In the divinity of your eyes
which I’ve long surrendered to