see you in a dream…

I’ve replied you in the grossest of all forms here
and I may reply in all levels receiving your fathom
because you are not other than me

now I have replied on that level
of the grossest of all forms
for you to understand where I currently stand
I can never say no to you know
but I can suggest …this way

and maybe silence you
and maybe make you wonder
about the nature of my-our truth

I live in a dark cloud right now
wearing a face of a cloud demon
as it is my duty to be what I’ve become
at anytime of observation of truth or
of nature of a ‘me’ that seems so apart from me
and you …
and .. oh that’s how I have deserted you!

but for what I am and is
I may see you only
having defeated any trace of expectation

because you are my full plainness
because that’s how to see :
by that which illuminates
is the eyes of love only
for I is being your inspiring energy

dating you on a star
made of the ethereal ice
decorating her hair with stardust
her lip gloss with luminous shades
heaves a remnant of a kiss
seeds a cosmic wave

I may see you once and once more only
when you dance
We are always on top of a mountain born from this dance
and You may see me
by excluding all preceding and succession of aura

‘Me’ in this dream is Always a first
We meditate with eyes open we create
This universe is to play hide and seek only
and with eyes close You are all around
and between my eyebrows as a solidity

You the one who read my dream
You the one with Will
who painted this dream as a knowledge
My dream has come true
and is not mine alone

I am it that became us
All of us
to this divine play
Making it real like a dream
but a dream that is not the other
In the divinity of your eyes
which I’ve long surrendered to

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