just slightly before eternity

And the sleeper wakes up in a dream finding out

what she thought was real has always been a dream
seeking on the side what she could have never truly been
And the sleeper wakes up in a dream to a dream first time real

plain nature doesn’t change by its defining word

She gets up from the invisible bed
Her body covered partially by a long thin semi transparent dress
She feels the ache of the heart that he has made real
Hears the creak of the still opening  gate
The heaviest of this  chamberless curvy cave  
in which generations long she has slept
or of that which she thought was real is now real
Pulls a shrill in thin ever stretching lines from my ears

so pale and weak
is well equipped
only by who she truly is
the shoulders open
to both sides
and in symmetrical lines

I am already awake because of you
I am that semi-pale languishing transparency
like my dress
but boldly happy

You can’t imagine how embracing someone is after being apart from the self

And I leave – leave that golden cage now
step in the midst of metallic rays
of reality


as it has never been
yet Truth as is

Your love
My love
Our love

I know my way – that is my strength
A star said yesterday
A path made of the material of the heart
Yet I have nothing to take with me
Nothing to cover my body

The gate
engraved by her now lulling dreams of ages
opens only because in truth there is no door

Wearing our bodies as a gift
we embrace
this knowledge of presence

A dream made real of you and I

In endless manifestations of things
this universe is making the skin
of touch
and of my temporal identity
just slightly before eternity

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