drawing by Alin – pencil on paper  – 26 July 2016
‘333’ is a drawing exercise of meditation


I feel naked when I look at  the moon today

Why ? Why ? What is there to hide?
and are we really so far?
Such a destitute gaze
alight to sky
Glaring with its brittle skin
Under which she knows
I hides
as a drifter beloved
Always lured
the world’s tides

Beer For Free


Improvised /words and music created on site –
words by Aline and guitar by Robbert van Nispen

Someone dropped my beer
I don’t have it written nowhere (I mean the lyrics!)
Just … he said
“I am so sorry
You may have one for free”

And I thought
And I thought
And I thought

I actually didn’t think

I just said to myself:
That should be Alright
a free beer right?
Why not!
Let’s take it
but No …

He had it reserved for his girlfriend

Hey what a shame!
just a coin – reserved for your girlfriend and
You gave it for free
to me!

I ain’t gonna get that one

No boy
You’re too young for me
and I gave it back to him
I thought it’s better not to…

Just listen
to the music
and let my chances

Hey Cowboy!
Are you gonna dance with me?

And then
He played
On and on and on