I wished for a candy and he appeared to offer me one and I took it

Our deliverance is always mutual
O dear one
There are no love words to love
this unspoken receipt is
only through a dance
A dance of embrace

which we rest

what is known


There is not an other

Not a mind that interferes
or somehow understands
There are no means
or all means is not other
than I
or of the truth of the self

within action
is through action

Do Stay firm thus

Maybe you’re just a star in the game
Reflecting to reserve a twinkle
for an eye
Activating one of a lover’s kind of gaze
Gifted from a sky
by one needle tip size of a shine
Of this effortless
of resolution

of the known
Deep within

the title is based on a true story inspired by a chat with
a traveller from Jordan and
Stay firm he said
and I kept it
all the way on my mind
a word of blessing
a taste of knowing and trust



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