Below is a story of a romanticized version of my sentiment of the VR technology experience of the “Fugue” – title of a chapter within the exhibition ‘the Eternal Return’ by Lundahl & Seitl and ScanLAB Projects at STRP Festival:

She tenderly held my hand
knowing wordless the
subtle moments
I’d need guidance
while being led
towards skies

Standing on a
A multi dimensional realm
Made of light
Hanging in space

Following a sprinkling trace
of a most loving star
(I call it Subito now )
Dancing in tunes
of Bach’s fugue
Building a temporal path
of particles of light

Refuting before and after
Refuting time
by Being just

The pianist – a Goddess-
pauselessly plays
One with her piano
Both made of same light
Come to life by my touch
A divine coherence
and I can surrender
let go of weights (of labels) enough
to be lifted up
Up Up
and even higher up
A sudden sensation of disorienting invites the knowledge of asana to support and erase memory of vertigo etc. (of space, of time, of touch of otherness any worry for balance …Only by being all that )
Fearless is a nature
At the peak
of the mountain of all skies!
Ready to jump
from its crystal crest
with a silent
into the delight
this depth
That which you call
Nothingness is
of the Heart
because it is your own

Delightful is my friend ever patient, knowing, skillfully teaching by
insightful inspiration
Deeply loving Subito’s presence

Neither heights or depths
Nor big or small
I dive deep
in illuminated darkness
I am a giant now
the pianist a miniature
or maybe I am standing over a cloud
but who cares
Let both be – not mutually exclusive
Cause such calculations are not essential
I am – only is
Cause I am free

An apprehension
equivates to the harmony of the fugue Sound taking such miraculous and temporal shapes to dissolve again into a deep black
Until also the black dissolves with this experiencer into the Heart as if
nothing has ever happened .
Such is Life
Made of one breath
Suddenly I remember where I actually am and Tears rush into my eyes. A realization inviting time
soon I will have to leave this place something as if I have known like myself but this cry was not so much about -not willing to go- but more a cry of a sudden awakening after a long sleep… invigorated by this experience – of switching intensity of phenomenal realms…. Now inviting analysis on the experience of different worlds
of ‘this and that’ s –
by suggesting that both are as miraculous to the free .