Mantra of a Rose


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drawing by Alin –  color pencil – 30 Dec 2015
This drawing is made by a method of yoga thoughtlessly

in such shouting Caps
I somehow missed the point always
of the use and necessity of its design
until today
and today I know
a reason
why you do that
to which I can relate

today was the last yoga course of the year
and after tomorrow is new year
and I haven’t slept yet over two days
sickness or bad habit
as others name it

I rush out
with an insomniac face
perceiving minutes as hours
doing the fun
don’t lose time game
gazing elaborately
in each of
the derivatives of
fleeting points of time

if this body sleeps not

there shall be a reason for it
I am too tired of it
and for thoughts about it
and for relaxation for it
and for reaffirmation caused by it

but I – the one without sleep-
is the sleepless sleeper when it
comes to making a wish
– I want to make this yoga a gift –
it’s possible to do that
by consciously playing
a body
that shall transform
from asana to asana
through three cities
if and only if
by love

and my gift is my wish
and my wish is my gift
for all souls outta there  
from whom I learned so much
to this date
I am prepared
and I am firm on that
while the teacher says
be nice to yourself
I do that
learning still
and always

it’s a manifestation
of an appreciation

so I rush out
a dance
that prays
with the body
last sips of energy
stays permanently
and always
in balance
slowly grow
as long as
there is breath
that moves it
like a
flower to zephyr
I cooperate

I – the experiencer just
so that
you shall experience
that true love

then I painted a picture
last night
to gift it to my teacher
then I received
a gift in return
a deva

she is that

she who whispered

‘keep a word
in mind
the one
that is of a most blessing
to you at this time
keep it thoughtlessly
and meditate as it
and that shall be it’

you may guess
after such ecstasy
without any effort

manifest as One
and be the One
just as

you have designed
and stitched
to my
by which



to be
a gift


ink and watercolors on canvas - AIR #3-(Augmented Irradiations 3-1) 35x27 cm

ink and watercolors on canvas – AIR #3-(Augmented Irradiations 3-1) 35×27 cm

I was falling in full speed
lured and pulled by
thoughts of
“I love you” s 

along the edges of sharp rocks
of some unknown grounds

“i love you” s
animated inside out 
of a delusioning  
concave-convex shape

you don't know 
by which one 
you were 
in or out 
“i love you  uuuuuuuoooooaaaaaaaaa”

as I approached 

the ouuuuuuuuoooooaaaaaaaaa 
part of y 
getting bigger 
and larger 

ready to gobble me in one go
by the shape of the sound
lost or blind
foggy or dark
through the deafening speed
or storm 

I heard someone repeatedly say:

time sleep

time sleep

and so
I wished
for time sleep 

while learning
what it means
to wish for
one thing

I got pulled up

by a cloud 

by the friends 
of the cloud

All constituting a blessed chorus 
of clouds
singing something like:

loves youuuu 
but youuuu'

however I wishfully imagined it to be something like:

'No it’s s/he that loves youuuu but not you' :D 

flattering the remains of my ego
but neither of the two was what they were really telling
they were singing to make a shape!

a shape that I could be placed in safely
a shape that could ideally form
at a point :
when rainbows know that they are being 
wished for 
and show up on the surface of a sphere
my voice would serve to become the seal of the gap
that could even effortlessly freeze a soap bubble!!

“I am slowly getting it”  I said

as I approached
and as the micro units to the crash
got doubled then tripled 

you know how it goes 
as he (or a thing or h or x or i ) approaches to zero

my breathlessness diminishes

and I slowly perceive the truth
of the words  dreamily saying :

'who are  youuuu
who are youuuu'

and  ingeniously making a curly shape 
with the form of the sound of the 
'whoareyou' s
connecting one edge of the sound to the other 
until it could sound like 
'I am you' !

so when the “who are you”s
got equal to 
'i am you'  s
when and where
again ingeniously
all the “he” s in 
'he loves you'
got equaled to 
“I” (` I love I)

That point
became a coordinate
of a perfect bubble 
which I got placed in
and pulled up 

and so that all
just before the crash
just before the crash
I became something 

and joined to their song 
as the lead 

singing with a sound
between a squeak 
and a Hum

only and thoughtlessly an 
'I love you'
which in reality must have sounded
something like:
like a fish bubble

matching to 
- as I said before -
each “you” of ‘I love you’  
to an  “I”  (` I love I)

while embracingly
all the “you” bubbles got replaced by the “I”s 
the winds got balanced
to a black haired
blue dressed 
ancient wind goddess
performing the dance of
fierce fun for fun 
and shaping the wind

Fun continued 
until I became it  again 

a shine 
on and of 
a bubble

all the whatever
I seemed to have been  made of

getting rid of the remains of 
the trace 
amounts of heavier elements
(and keeping
those that which has the ability
to hold me together authentically by my own gravity)

I got hydrogenized

and pulled up
by a parachute
strumming in 6/8s
manifesting nude 
the duality
I crossed layers
of loving

it all stopped
some darkness
followed up
beyond skies 
beyond sounds
beyond forms
as if I lost sight
for a moment just
until I crossed
an imaginary ray
from a child’s gaze’s
descriptive point of view
a billionth unit
light years away
twinkling colors
an unnamed
star I am
music continues
Silence remains

Pumpkin Dessert in a wink


ink and pencil on paper


the Recipe:
fresh pumpkin
sugar (brown+jelly)
coarsely chopped walnuts 

1-slice the pumpkin
2- place slices in a baking dish
3-cover with sugar
4- bake (±) 30 min  at 200 °C      
stir it once   and   bake until soft
it’s ready
add the chopped walnuts on top
cool it down or  cold
*served with kaymak (buffalo cream)

for a capricious friend who doesn’t like birthday presents but drawings
for a capricious friend who doesn’t like chocolates but pumpkin seeds
for a capricious pumpkin who does not like to be eaten before being rendered in various ways

Augmented Irradiations # 2 (AIR)




ImanginaryLandscape1_2 with added contrast

AIR#2-2  – with added contrast

An awareness exercise -series by Aline – ink and pencil

A quote by  John Cage on Imaginary Landscapes
“It’s not a physical landscape. It’s a term reserved for the new technologies. It’s a landscape in the future. It’s as though you used technology to take you off the ground and go like Alice through the looking glass.”

flight to a sand coral

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collages of distant meditations / 2013 by Alin  – mixed media 

beyond thoughts we action
joy truly flows
nothing is lost
all knowledge is preserved
in a land
of golden ray
nameless floats
as is
equally valid
belongs to all
or is as none
hang somewhere
timeless in space
beyond emotions love waits
with you
to welcome me
home finally
beyond my body you hold my hand
to reintroduce
what I have
always had

Clouds of Mystery Pourin


clouds of mystery pourin  

painting by Alin – mixed media -ink, pencil, ballpoint, watercolors, crayon

Clouds of Mystery Pourin (a tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival Song – ‘Who will stop the Rain)

below with the written and the spoken versions by Alin:

I was cleaning my brushes on an old aquarelle paper
actually to start with a new mystical adventure
Preparing my soul to
embody the body and the mind
to re enter a living cloud
of dreams of reality
of dreams of reality
not analyzing but crossing
the reappearing colors of clarity
of forms
of myself
apart from the body
apart from the mind
that are the reflections of the spirit
of me
or of the colorful chakra flags whispering
it is September now

and reload me
in the early morning
letting me activate
the memory
of the loving traces
made by my delicate brushes
the night before

seeing the deep color of crispy blue
beside the warm orange lights of the bakery
heating up the after-rain coolness of the wet and serine morning
beside a tree that seems to already wonder about its leaflessness
and about little school girls and boys daily crossing
to become a temporary silhouette
– of jewellery of color and size –
well-fit to the autumn greyness of its trunk

While it was raining the day before
She said to her guitar teacher laughingly
“I will play today -all day long- Who will stop the rain
and maybe this shall stop the rain “
“Only if you play it right” – the teacher highlighted and winked a bit encouragingly and a bit cheerfully.

I am not there yet obviously with the instrument
a non expertise state of a starter
a no experience state of the starter
but yes –
maybe I am there with my inner tuning –
of an inspiration derived from the colors- spirits- muses – past lives
where such (well defined by consciousness) terminology could fuse to technical expertise that would make the thing –
the magic touch that would start and stop the rain –
and an expertise that could be developed in a second
or in a lifetime
only by surrender and knowing (inner) – and of choosing (the time)
only then we can touch matter knowingly- only then we can touch things –
then- we are love- they are love-
we are they- they are we-
we carry each other’s mark – but only lovingly-
so it is only for that time –
I humbly say (if there is something to hope for at all and place it in the illusive scheme of time ) that I can say “I have hope for …a future which could have been now…
and decide to experience whatever I am experiencing physically – as delimited- as temporary –
it is only for that
that timeless moment
technology combines spirituality
where all the stories fall for the code : always here but unseen (to my ignorance/ to ours)
written and pathetisad and censured under the cover of various so called branded ‘holy’ to scare away pure knowledge and serve power agendas – truth is one and non-dual – yes only then ….

It is layers and waves and dimensions and lengths and postures and asanas and
of consciousness and of clarity of the self we are entering to blessed facing and retrieving and becoming one with all of ourselves

It was raining
I was cleaning
first my house
then my mind
then my brushes
wiping off gently
while listening
while watching
the pouring
letting it mix
with the ink
on a good quality aquarelle paper
that offered a very good base
to it all
and this picture happened
keeping the memory of the mountains in my heart
and this picture Yes
as my guitar teacher says
Only if
Only if you play it right
stopped the rain

spoken version: