Alin’s Fuzzy Winter Cake



1- Tea Biscuits
2- cacao mix
3- a little fresh cream cheese
4- some pieces of dark chocolate
5- a few pieces of mandarin
6-  ground walnuts
7- milk
8- pomegranate
9- mint leaves
10-  cream to serve with

In a large mixing bowl, combine the broken biscuits and the mixture: cacao,cheese, walnuts, chocolate, mandarin, milk, pomegranate seeds preferably with a spoon (I used a blender and lost the beautiful biscuit pattern)

Pack the mixture tightly in a plastic sheet and refrigerate it for several hours. After unpacking you can slice it and decorate as you wish with fresh fruit, mint leaves and cream.

method is based on an old recipe from mom’s kitchen!

Alin’s rice and vegetable dish

2014-12-08 19.19.38


  •    Pandan rice
  •    fresh spinach leaves
  •    thin sliced cucumber
  •    thin sliced carrot
  •    thin sliced zucchini
  •    rice oil to wok
  •    fresh herbs: dill, mint, parsley
  •    one middle onion and garlic
  •    black and red pepper and some sea salt
  •    dry prune (for some sweetness)

wok the mix and steam until the rice is ready.
wok tougher veggies first then add the leaves
So, onion, garlic, carrots, zucchini, rice go first
fresh spinach and herb leaves after.
Steam the mix until rice is ready and add the dry prunes during steaming or after.

Tastes really good! 🙂

Alin’s quick and easy ‘Orange Soup’

2014-11-24 15.07.09

My ingredients:

1- an organic orange pumpkin
2- yogurt
3- fresh garlic
4- some nutmeg
5- fresh ginger
5- oregano (origano di montagna – gift from Italy)
6- thyme and mustard
7- red pepper flakes (Turkish pul biber- super hot ones – gift from Turkey)
8- black and white peppercorns (freshly ground with a pepper mill)
9- some sea salt
10- some droplets of olive/nut oil
11- parsley for decoration
12- fresh lemon during serving – (I use the organic pale ones mostly a preference of size and shape of what I used to call ‘normal’ for a lemon)

cut and boil an orange pumpkin (if you are ready to say goodbye to it of course- I have hard time sometimes to let go OF a beautiful kitchen decorating pumpkin )
then add all the rest from 2- 10 during mixing with a mixer

Add parsley for decoration on top while serving (also for color contrast green with orange) and lemon juice while eating (nicely neutralizes taste by adding a pinch of sourness to the sweet).

My best measure of ingredients go by feeling, color, structure and some speed – JUST like dancing with the soup kinda energy – Oh and mmm and don’t forget some variation of bread and cheese on table.

spinach- herb dish mix recipe

my new spinach herb mix not to forget because it was super lekker! 🙂

cut onions, turn in hot olive oil for a while.
fine cut and add: celery, same size of carrots, fresh garlic, fresh ginger
add spinach leaves on top of all – i added many

mix all moderately and let it cook by mixing and turning and by your own mobility until a point that you know you can let go for a while …
(I think some fresh salad leaves could also fit on top)

the color of the total mix should definitely make it look harmonious and also make you feel happy 🙂

fine cut and add pieces of a french prune for a secret sweet flavor
and some herbs for the mystic – i used thyme (what i had at home)

okay also bits of sea salt and red hot pepper to spice the spirits up

grated walnut goes on top and some sink inside to trigger a wonder about the fine nut oil chew.

*correct amount of the ingredients should be felt during the process of cooking
*cooking process starts already while deciding about what to cook
*cooking time depends on body language during cooking
*when you commit and are well simulated with the process it surely becomes a kind of dance
*the better the harmony, the more delicious it will be!
* 😉