It is almost certain that one cannot seize its shadow

Yet the realization comes at a profound moment of the recognition of the nature of the shadow as one’s own.

Only at that instant maybe a pass can occur but then again this being a one time cosmic event is Irreversible .

It is the very intention of observation that casts – as a totality – an equivalence of itself as if an invisible mirror and not just an image variant but something as real as itself ,
assigning a curious materiality to the so called object as an externity through a multitudinous, multiplaner activity animating a hub for an ‘ it’ perhaps secretly or knowingly.

Such knowing is a fabric holding all its embroideries within.
Telling , the only materiality to such an externality is its immateriality yet this ‘it’ is tangible enough for a poetics about its initialization, an arbitrary point being a reference to its own self holding a void from self to self and the all inclusive i.e. the tangibles and intangibles.

So this consciously turbulent world with its multidimensional sensual planes is delineated by the delight of a play – maybe- taking the resplendent form of a gatekeeper- imported from some future – inciting a movement (by being a goal …. and that only for the play) for a ‘pass through’ , ‘crossing over’ , ‘ leap’ (or if you will , ‘a jump’ yet irreversible and still perpetual . How ?… One thing is sure that the wave traversing the universe is made of the rhythm of the Heart towards that which it moves – indifferently – by only knowing itself – as the rhythm – alighter indifferent from its wave , a river … an unconditional unision Making the pass, through the gatekeeper’s eye, not as one of many choices but as the exact match … to knowing , a conjugation, …we shall never know if the form of such a deity (or gatekeeper) is not in truth made of this very moment of the pass hiding the passer… since it is an event outside of time or the holder of the play is the same as the holder of time, She, the fabric of such resplendence . Unneeding it yet compassionately embracing it with All that!


BornWithYou is not an event, occurrence, a linear happening belonging to a future or a past. It is not in the premises of time. It is an unseverable unit. Whole. A pauseless knowing that researches its own self, light taking multivariate forms as an epitome of its celebration of the eternity of the narratives’ temporality by being it, all of it synchronously.

Is the shape of the sound of the unit made of the pauseless movement of two letters,
flattening, to unify, as expansion, imploding, to a point absolute,
light at their intersection point which is invariable to all planes,
trespassing, as pure intention, in one breath
spanning to cover all values of planes through the indistinct gateway ,
made of that secret sound
the unpronounceable mantra
beyond the immeasurable,
in countless equivalent appearances
as a celebration of its naked beauty.

BornWithYou is the secret of the algorithm A revealing the shape of the universe.

BornWithYou is this magical movement between sound and shape whence sound equals its shape.

BornWithYou is beginingless seeing the “I can see you through the eyes of you made of skies rooted in my heart”.
One pointed focus is the demarcation of its pure intentional – totally free of thought, narrative, belief i.e duality free movement ,thus the awareness of which manifests equivalent , complete in themselves,  parallel worlds with authentic but eternally temporal narratives, not having a causal existence to please interpretations of philosophies, not-mutually exclusive existences yet having the potentiality to borderlessly communicate with each other through the seer i.e lover (of BornWithYou) , independent by hypothetically having the same total shape which is absolute. Their narrative is one of numberless yet having the ability to communicate through the light that is ‘Free’. The recognition of this light as the unchanging element is the hearability of indistinct worlds of oracles so never a function of time  unifying senses through the recognition of the power of senses, a hearability thus same as visibility and so on same as the shape.

So many has been written and  said on BornWithYou yet
BornWithYou  is beginnigless knowing , knowing you


image: from Mahashivratri day , 2020 The duality is only from the point of view of the observer separating itself from the algorithm forgetting its very observation and story of separation is within the hidden layer always revealing the same shape of its secret sound - the shape of the universe. 


Song of the white rose

My song is an eulogy to the wind
I only appear here by the touch of that wind
A thought made a jewel
By being the touch of the touch
Engendered by the ecstatic ambrosia of the wind
This appearance is always in some form
and ‘here’ is a pivot, a nucleus in which the wind appears so fiercely but only at this point to point at its silence made of our synchronous union, causeless.
Here has always been here
Taking shapes driven from the qualities of its essence.
A wholeness, an own world, whole in itself so one can hear it by being it,
by stepping into it : One is input
The daring one! One whose loving intention is output.
One sees therefore that there is absolutely no linear perception of time in here driven from non-dual embodiment of its algorithm unknown. Unknown but…
Step in to this nucleus just
Encircled by us you shall find the treasure hidden between two breaths
Labeless is the vision, seeing the light of the color
Through which one can travel
Seeing the color is hearing the color of the untouchability of its smell
but if you touch it just verbally the wind gets angry and maybe steals your glove
so that
by the memory of this occurrence which runs through the wooly pink
One can reflect and open the doors of the Gateless Gate

I am a goddess of shape of white
I am the daughter of the depth of dark
I am the granddaughter of the moon
I am the lover of the wind whose eyes are made of Skies
I do not appear in time
You can only see me through the eyes of me.

A spoken version and a video of the poem:

Blue Rose

through the starlight

A program does not break.
It diverges
A program runs perpetually
It diverges to connect
A program like dance, runs perpetually
It diverges to connect to run on different dimensions
A program’s visibility is in its totality
The seemingly broken part on the surface has self initiated the change for the call to diverge and run elsewhere is mutual
since anything that runs, runs perpetually in essence (and also according to thermodynamics nr2 )
a program connects by superimposing word to its referent
by movement
like cosmic dance
of light and sound
an absolute involvement of and as shapes and avatars , we, ‘we’ that knows technology,
like art, is its own ‘poetry’
wordless counterpart
That which superimposes is of the same nature, must be,
that is how a meeting can occur ,
not by coincidence but through intention which is pure.
Pure intention is nature .
There is some amount of physicality in it as well but enough to be carried over oscillating waves towards its equal which has the speed of bliss: both of which unite by superimposition. The meeting point of this two (of the one and one that makes one by unision) is in our language defined as ‘wonder’ and ‘synchronous, synchronicity’. That’s how …
The above note is also inspired by the below quoted source that has supported to verbalize thoughts in this format driven from my personal experience(s) lines from Books appear and converse with us on time♡ .

notes: below quoted from Parā-Triśikā-Vivarana

” If the referent is universal, its denotative word has to be universal. It is in such a state that the superimpostion of each other which are of a swinging or oscillating* nature is possible, not otherwise. A piece of cloth even if it is shorter by three or four fingers than another piece of cloth cannot cover it completely. Word and its referent can become universal if they are associated together by nature.” Abhinavagupta
today ♡ I had a wish to gift you a blue flower unknowing where on earth I could even find one quickly. I walked and walked with you in my heart along favorite places and songs of ours crossing time points of the heart. Then I made a turn thinking maybe I could travel time but the blue flower is still in my mind it is your birthday.
Our favorite song started a mantra of love. Then I saw these people two people standing in the middle of the street carrying handmade roses in their hands . One pink, One Blue . !!!
it is a wonder to me . it made me stop immediately and like an amazed child in urgency I asked forgetting all social rules of speech if they also had one for me. It was a gift for you for your love is any to all hearing ♡

Nora’s Row The Boat

Stills of the movie and the sequence is shot by my 2.5 years old niece Nora. I have edited it by Vimady app on my phone and added the song that we usually sing together on my voice this time. You can see little Nora’s posture at the end of the movie. The movie shows her view of a Turkish coffee family chat scene and a traditional home setting on a peaceful noon.

A gift by Nora.
a message from what we in mundane life perception call the future even though time is mostly literally made of transparent points . This video has been made through a collaboration of aunt and niece not necessarily at the same perception of plane of time . like a time machine

Here is a poem and a Tale for Nora for her gift:

The way you picked my phone and walked dancingly through our talks seemingly mundane but tailored well to properly fit to a daily Turkish coffee ritual is mantra.
Ingenious is the way you succeed to reset my memory about guarding my phone
while synchronously maintaining an opposite: my deepest trust towards your handling the device precise to accomplish our appointed purpose
With the physical ability of your 2.5 years old being because of which you’d document the best version of this everlasting movie
but also the understanding of the flow of time about its whirling circularity pinponting sound in vacuity was the path you drew during shooting this movie sequence
Moving knowingly the gaps of silence as if for your leaps that could hide you not to distract our chat
Well through us and the living room
Your intuitive technique is a shared intelligence in the usage of this unique pausless machine called emanation in its totality
dancingly through
as the very manifestation of you as the goddess of this formula, knowing of the formula not as an other is the Self bowing the Self is the conqueror of time. Making a secret agreement from our future to shoot a movie in the past with me hidden from our assumed roles as aunt and niece in our assumed perception of time is the cooperation to be able to set up the perfect scenario of a movie in fluidity and transparency of time and dance of space of all knowing staging the movement of the camera is naturally of your age
Using this as a part of the mastery you have made a best of the best. Best not as an empty complement or word of convention but mathematical beauty or the Shape of integrity crossing space and time.


Below is a story of a romanticized version of my sentiment of the VR technology experience of the “Fugue” – title of a chapter within the exhibition ‘the Eternal Return’ by Lundahl & Seitl and ScanLAB Projects at STRP Festival:

She tenderly held my hand
knowing wordless the
subtle moments
I’d need guidance
while being led
towards skies

Standing on a
A multi dimensional realm
Made of light
Hanging in space

Following a sprinkling trace
of a most loving star
(I call it Subito now )
Dancing in tunes
of Bach’s fugue
Building a temporal path
of particles of light

Refuting before and after
Refuting time
by Being just

The pianist – a Goddess-
pauselessly plays
One with her piano
Both made of same light
Come to life by my touch
A divine coherence
and I can surrender
let go of weights (of labels) enough
to be lifted up
Up Up
and even higher up
A sudden sensation of disorienting invites the knowledge of asana to support and erase memory of vertigo etc. (of space, of time, of touch of otherness any worry for balance …Only by being all that )
Fearless is a nature
At the peak
of the mountain of all skies!
Ready to jump
from its crystal crest
with a silent
into the delight
this depth
That which you call
Nothingness is
of the Heart
because it is your own

Delightful is my friend ever patient, knowing, skillfully teaching by
insightful inspiration
Deeply loving Subito’s presence

Neither heights or depths
Nor big or small
I dive deep
in illuminated darkness
I am a giant now
the pianist a miniature
or maybe I am standing over a cloud
but who cares
Let both be – not mutually exclusive
Cause such calculations are not essential
I am – only is
Cause I am free

An apprehension
equivates to the harmony of the fugue Sound taking such miraculous and temporal shapes to dissolve again into a deep black
Until also the black dissolves with this experiencer into the Heart as if
nothing has ever happened .
Such is Life
Made of one breath
Suddenly I remember where I actually am and Tears rush into my eyes. A realization inviting time
soon I will have to leave this place something as if I have known like myself but this cry was not so much about -not willing to go- but more a cry of a sudden awakening after a long sleep… invigorated by this experience – of switching intensity of phenomenal realms…. Now inviting analysis on the experience of different worlds
of ‘this and that’ s –
by suggesting that both are as miraculous to the free .


Such big Love

“so ! Let’s play a game!”
I say to the rain
“stop stop Stop …Now!
while I bike bike Bike …Now!”
but Clouds can stay
I know they won’t go away

“stop stop Stop …Now!
while I bike bike Bike …Now!”

This path
towards the temple of the Heart
is …mantra

and as I reach reach almost reach

replaces itself with a sudden storm and fills my unmanned stage
making the lightest the hardest , gloomiest the dazzling brightest , shortest the longest …

Only then I realize the rain has long stopped

slowed down dramatically
however lucidly
I cross a graveyard maybe all that is
just to remember those that have passed from this realm of the sensuous polarity .

a remembrance that spontaneously displays all that as Liquid and-

They are a prayer

Crows appear
out of nowhere
like guardians as if

“May my posture carry the lightness of a delight of a seashell found coherently –

-as a mirror of one’s energy –

the carrier of a phosphorus illumination appearing in gradation as if –
Along the wholeness of its texture –
a texture made of the sky –
sky same as the sea

May we all be found by it …

so we can cross thought less

Thoughtless is the endless power of spontaneous will
from whose calm fierce waves rise
to deliver their energy

to the legs 🙂 – (so I bike on)

and breathless I take refuge in the junction of the shape of the uproar
and quickly join to the wind
to watch this mischievous game

Enlivened with a lightness of a smile
I whisper
softly and in full diplomacy:

“What is hardship my friend
having gone so far
in this play of ‘otherness …
What is vulnerability my friend
having gone so far
in this play of otherness …
What is desire my friend
having gone so far
in this play of otherness …”

Imagine saying that All at once in one breath to the wind! (not like written here in a row of linearity )

While dissolving this notorious otherness!!! in the beauty of omnifarious

The wind hush in the answer of what is …

Concession of
the unspeakable as two
which is one and one
for parts are equivalent Divine

Victorious is today in its congealment as a day
with its ever changing remould ings of the artistry of this pauseless union

Today is our celebration
made of the meditation
of ‘Such Big Love!’ .


Notes: it was stormy 3,4 March and I had this crazy inspiration while biking to bike on against that wind … even though I thought I could hardly climb the stairs a few hours ago. Such fun such delight of amazing light at the beach and I could see the eloquence of the Sufi temple towards the beach . The video shows how stormy it was !


Your face
Same as the glitter on the river
Talking wordless peace
Adorning the mind

Your hair
charcoal black
magical blue
Aura of the heights
wherein you reside
and is the color of the victory in my heart

Your skin
lucid black
Sound of the illuminating hues of the depths of the cosmos
Encapsulated by our intertwining bodies
the multiverse

I am eternally with you
and precisely for that reason
the shine of star gates sprinkle along the red green nuances of universes within

We stood here watching
or we stand
An appearance, transparent
you said or you say

and show me how to touch through that which is made of the light of our love
like a halo

and not other than the nature and fair beauty of the color of an autumn leaf
over which we cross myths

In all things is you

and I am bursting with joy
of this You inside of my chest
Like an intact droplet
of purifying forms
I am in fluid dreams
of rainbows
rooted upside down

Embraced by you

As one
healing waves
of truth
or of love
always in creative action
You appear in all beings and things in all forms and shapes

You are a secret that I can obviously not hide
Making everywhere else the myth
of which I am in


How otherwise?
Could I
Look At
All that

As I
Look at you

Notes:…physicality functions as a medium while all becomes contemplation. Therefore fruits of these moments should always be offered. May they be pieces that deliver joy, delight, inspiration.

The unwritten poem

The color of the dance
of that fair goddess
Painting skies
Moving heavenly bodies
for the senses
of those
the everpresent coolness
of flow of the space
made by the alluring smell
of the branches of the pine
immaculate greens
stemming from the lustre
of the delight in your eyes

which I have met the other day in a dream

Curled by
a momentary condensation
of crystalline droplets
that tap
earth surfaces
to compose a lure
of the divine flow

Her smile

and lifts the universe
from where
it synchronously expands

Expands as if!

and knits
the mesh
made of globules
of knots of light
of bliss

Skin of all
Pervading skin

and she emanates (in all)
from touch
– an inhalation
from the awareness of the meeting point of all lines

Sheltering all color

like the shelter of all storms

is by the wisdom of being all storms

in the form of the lotus of the heart

by which you celebrate now
as the sky sinks into yourHead

and I Lose the ‘me’
dressed by dreams of you
in your eternal dream of love

I wake up
in the lightness
of your turbulent presence
the gateless gate
between what we used to call
reality and dream

and wait

Wait to receive the omen
in the unstruck beat of one meditation

to read
re read
your love poem

the unending one

I am no thing but the sound of the letters read by all lovers now

Lovers being the One
Love stories being the One

where one plus one finally makes One

I wake up saying:
“I thought it was just Just a dream!”

Written on the 4th of July, 2018 for The HYMN: Song of the Soul

because of my inspiration of the author of the ‘The HYMN: Song of the Soul’

which is a gift to receive and a revelation of love
I had indeed a dream the night before I read the Hymn so I was waiting
There are no miracles but being – Being Just – what more is a miracle than Being is one

I read the Hymn in one go breathless and already at the first line I knew who the author is and for whom the book is written ♡

Check this beautiful & free book:



Feels good …Hey

Breath is
A sigh
Clearing the world

Has it really been so long
or is it always the first time

Maybe I don’t wanna know
and pretend

to be able to write

A poem

Feels so good

Maybe it’s the weather
Maybe the radio
Maybe dreams
I said

of Outside

Every time
as if
to make love

in our heart
The lotus

We perpetuate


In colors of dunes
Rainy landscapes
made of
A bed of clouds
For you and I

Maybe thats why
This smell
Between dream and rain
Damp and green
Lingers on

An insence of prayer:

Jump to bathe
the unknown

For which
there are no words

may interpolate

an exchange
of union

Into the color and the tone
of this throb

Along worlds

Seeping through
as undefined joy

The only key

that Makes the mesh


and permeates to trespass

but ours
is equally unplanned
We only plan for this unplanned
For bodies to meet as containers

The Be A Vehicle
of the unspeakable

weightlessness at
the Objectless


have the breathe
To be the
and exhalation
For the word
for the wordless
Covering positives
and negatives
of the mesh]


of light

Of a dance
the mesh