Durga’s theme

Mirror effect applied on my drawing below




become equals

of complementary 

To manifest

by a Kiss

All That

All That

A kiss

without a gap

and We

A Swirl A Whirl

The shapless shape

of the Lovers


and ‘We’

A Word

In That



Photo:aerial view with window scratches

The pumpkin man


The Pumpkin manĀ 

So whats in there? :

Face: pumpkin

Hair: parsley & salad mix

Nose: Greek kalamon olive,

Mouth: Beets

Cheeks: grated walnut

Chin: walnut

Eyes: broccoli and nut pieces

Ears: soft prunes

Arms: cinnamon sticks

and some nut oil with lime

MmMmyuMm šŸ¤—

BecauseĀ that’s how I met you:

Dance Dance today
Celebrate this gift
of life
Enjoy this love
What else
What else is there to be done
In this world!

This heart
membrane of the universe
and these words
surging the chest
Like you

Wearing the face of grace


For your eyes

Beyond these words

My last trace

Unearthly is my love

Dance Dance …today

What else is there to be done in this world
Inspire Rainbows today

that’s how I met you.

You wish for a rainbow all day long
You take the bus hurriedly
The bus driver (so not you) misses your stop
You frown then
Shrug shoulders
go out the next stop
throw an angry breath to the air
With a wink and a smile
Not knowing where you are
And remember at once that the
Best places you have discovered was after getting lost somewhere
This is yoga
an act of love
so is your story
so is life
so is knowing
without thoughts
no matter what happens you will be there on time…Although maybe impossible to logic…that relatives time
So you slow down deliberately
Act of Fire
slows you down when you should hurry
Fire of knowledge
You throw all labeled cliche

It rains
Clouds are bursting 
you smile
You see a fellow companion from far away and look at her joy
Really? About the rain ?
after yoga?
There is no after/ before
You remember
Once more
Thrown away labelled cliche
Don’t ask it back
at the door
You fold your rainbow color  umbrella
Bought from the streets of Istanbul on such a day 

and eyes look up
And you see
What you’ve wished for
All day long
From the heart
Without even once 

thinking about it
You wished for it
And see now
A simultaneous manifestation of
What you wanted to see

A rainbow you say
A double rainbow

Appearing like a gift

Has appeeared to me

In your eyes

The sky


like your eyes

I am but a reflection
in yours

It has always been so

but …

my stand is firm

Embracing this sky

It has always been so

Knowing you šŸ™‚

It will stay so

All that
An asana

of your and my love

Like a dream!

Like a tale!
She cherished
Like a dream
I muttered
It’s just real!
He exclaimed

We looked a while more
until a cloud gulped the crest and changed its shape
until the mountains received an expression fitting to a radio ad:
“State of the art stage light technology!”
and marked a line of difference
of heights
of direction
of time
of mood
of changing gloom

An awareness urging to drop
Such identification
down a valley

A valley that manifests now
for that reason only

Facing the west
I said proudly
Confirming where east is
while the sun sets

Only if we were giants!

We could stand then barefeet on edges of these mountains – curves looking like beach rocks

We laughed
The echo
Converted us to giants

We saw us from times
as once they were covered
by ocean waters
and we picked skyflowers
growing over clouds
Rising the moons and the suns

maybe also
Like now
If ours were more real

What if we were
as small as
Eagles are – to our sight – circumferencing skies

Or theirs?


An unheard echo of a laugh
From inside Lost
in a wild flowing
glacier water
Converted us to
something smaller
and translucent like
a ripple
Ready to play
A float of a fallen-bloom
Like a note
In a symphony

Until the light floated higher
towards a crest
and became a light-pin
of a pin-crest
Pinning soon a gleam
of unseen stars
which determine
Our true size

Laugh! Laugh!

Only then
‘Like magic!’
he points at a torchlight
from a scarce mountain forest

We both hope they are alright
We both know what it means getting lost on an endless balcony path without a map after sunset

Drama tic tac tic tac tic
Like that sharp mark on rocks
The shadows of extreme lights
Cut rising lights of highs and darks
of bottoms discriminated by mountains and valleys
soon to be dumped in the spook of a mind

How real or unreal is
the existence of such a line?

If it were a tale or a dream
or real

is the
Unchanging symphony

of all changes
A bird sings

Like a tale!
She cherishes
Like a dream
I mutter
It’s just real!
He exclaims

Holding hands
We become
Word of words
Body of bodies
Sound of sounds
And incessantly remain
In the unchanging Symphony
of all changes

if you wish for snow

all that you touch
of your own
like a flower
all that you see
not other

you are everywhere
willingly confined
by a blue green line
that brought me back
and this body
for a while

O the expanding
the dance divine
and I shall stay
for the play
for it is

O the lover
pervader of all experience
rooted by free will
things move
move as if
your seat

is knowledge
flashing forth


and that’s why
if you wish

if you wish for snow
it shall snow


at places
where it snows

holy is that
soulful touch