Alin’s Leek & Cheese Pastry

it’s MMMMMMM with fresh cold drink – Beer Maybe ? Say cheeRse if you picnic/party/or think about me  😉

but What’s in there??

Inside the Yufka (I had günlük yufka in my fridge/freezer – Thank’s to loving aunties)
2 leek cut in fine pieces
Feta cheese grated
Minced tofu
Two eggs
Black pepper

Olive oil to wet the top and bottom sheets of :
Turkish Filo_Yufka
Red pepper on top of Yufka
Cover the bottom of square deep oven plate
With baking paper then
with a layer of yufka (maybe a sheet or small pieces covering the bottom as a base layer)
Top it with the mix
Cover the top with wetted yufka
Now you can cook the pack in an

200 degrees Celsius of oven 20 min of cooking