lyrics to a sad love song :

Here is a song by Robbert van Nispen and Alin Duraduryan:

by Alin the Lullaby version


by Robbert the Revisited version:

It’s one km. to Noordwijk
lyrics: by Alin

I cycle to make a safe place today
only for you and I  My Love

a place thoughts daren’t trespass
cause a thought of you would kill you My Love

It’s now one km. to Noordwijk!
Gee I haven’t pulled off the – that far

may you be a  bee
a grizzly or a shining star
ain’t other route
but minds of you lead me

oh where art thou My Love
It’s now one km. to Noordwijk!
oh where art thou My Love



It went like a flight – that biking yesterday
After a hibernation period of months
It was my big deal – hahah the 25 kilometers
but was not planning to…

that’s what made it a good deal
besides the perfect brand new roads

not thinking about something at times

keeping it aside just
let the wind take you towards the music in your head

then I saw the board say
1 km Noordwijk

oh well I would have never imagined to have gone so far … so fast

my phone says: don’t forget to buy milk! 😉
I text a swift reply just:
it’s one km to NRDWYK! ;D

The beach , the sun: It’s end May now.
I am there to write a song
but I forgot
sitting just
until I got back the route
I remembered I can forget
I can forget just!
I said pleased – and kept it aside

wind against me now
I remember
there should have been a song to this road
maybe a song of love or you

It was a bumblebee though
to awaken me
my will
to dash through
but to also cooperate with the wind against

the head falls right
the body moves a stable rhythm
as if building something somewhere else
i am all outside now

and a sudden thought of you
breaks it all

shouldn’t have done so
I have never seen then
the dead pigeon by the road

shouldn’t have crystallized the thoughts of you through
but blow you
and the I with you
to be united
like a dandelion
in the wind
my love