The arch of the door

As I pushed my shoulders to the sides
tried to approach each other singly at this solidarity
more and more
and got aligned
As the aligned equipoised
It felt as if something is pulling from my back down
I looked to the mirror but it all looked the same
Even more natural than it used to be
I looked surprised and the rest followed
Slowly adjusted itself
and finally
I could stand
at my normal height as I should and
could have always done
and finally
I could stand and look around and feel
as I am supposed to feel this body
in dimensions of each carrying the word ” the for the very first time ”
As I moved my shoulders apart and pulled it down a heavy creak was heard
The door of the deep dark cave
with many chambers – as if-
and once you open that door it never closes
and once you open the door the key is lost and
once you open the door the door disappears

Naada (inner sound)

I tuned in to the lines
and met your smile
and again
in my eyes

Subtly embracing now
this gift
of the self

an ecstasy that is no fantasy
when the heart is open

your waves emerge
an immanent melody
that floats along
to draw me
a body

I stay so
In divine precision

I move

I move

the immovable

The face of
true desire

the seed

from me

in truth
there is no
no receipt

what unchangeably is

Ours is
just a play or
a sport
about a secret

never unfolding
always open

the grace
of once lovemaking stays
along various waves
absorbs me in plays
of this chamberless place

for the world
or the universe
or for your eyes invisibly drawing
or for truth

I am nude


in Gapless skin

photo by Alin , 2016
Elephant Stable ceiling detail