Sofa Legs

What is a day when you wake up in meditation
this body is inseparable from this light
and the mellowly blowing signless flag
singing only to one side
and the brown edge
nothing else than its edgeness

Skin having already freed itself from the weight bearing traces of the dust of my mind
capturing smooth
the light –
melting differences over the bumpless
recalling velvety longing

not for the sake of the material but
the freedom that has once recorded this twin light
long ago
on such surface

for its manifestation

bringing awareness about the tempter
on senses
and again imploding its imaginary cavities
on the touchless curves of a sofa
newly displaying the angle of
its wooden edge
drawing a perfect eighty five degree Invisible line
in space
towards the webless corner -just noticed-
where the eye gets relieved by its neatness
and relaxes
becoming the point of a trivalent stillness

This – the edgy- is a sister of these Sofa legs
Four in all

implying itself as a sexiest part of its couch –
couch of a type – as it says
owning each other
Like body and sense
in one posture
and in its remembered object name

and maybe ready to unfold memories Alas
if there would be openness to listen
or if I were what it could allure me to be for its charm

but No – it says nothing this time
mending time through fractals of its becoming my spaceless space
with the old radio set aside
never playing more than its silent tunes for those skaters in an etching of an ancient landscape hanging on the wall above since …
since before the internet age
showcasing a memory that nobody knows and can see or hear but smell maybe
beside a winter blossom
flourishing its inspiration

not understanding each other but requiring the same attention as my body does
or as the realization of a thought that I could not run up that hill as fast as that dog –

a dog being observed behind a glass and I am unsure if this observation could have effect on the style it puts to the run

or if my observation is being observed and that may be a reason of its action as such
as if it does so to show off – Really!
unknowing to who or what
and then again still …

AaaaaW !!!! Shut up!

No no no ! I should stop now

what may make a catch less of a catch
putting things of importance of a day on a scale of indifference
and then again what is this nosy urge
asking for order!?!

It is a play.

See ?!
even if you like it or not
I am in and such is
You yOU YoU

A play as true as the one watching
Same actually –
Same as the one watching

Watching or steeped in
Space in Space

No Space

non of these Things

A day remains
as the mind fades to embrace

(Like the day
rainbows are manifesting
from the heart
of this inspiration)



why are you alone?

but I am not alone!
there is so much
of the blessed around me
and at these times
all of these
one by one
of me
but when I am lonely
nothing and nobody
can help
this also means
I am not there
and when I am not there
there is not a thing or a being
that can be there for me
because I am not there
you see?

this is about the
longing for the self
these are residues
it comes and goes
until that one and true self
is reinstalled
all you do is work with it
by keeping the one pointed
through lost and found
you work hand in hand
with the teacher in you
accept being the student
until you two are
inseparably one

writing about these
is no poetry
observing duality
is one step towards
the experience of freedom
the experience of the freedom
is a unification of the self
with selves and things
is one step towards the divine
as for the divine there is no
means of separation
it is one
an undefinable
subject of a
poetic being
of all united poetry

would that be a living poetry?

we will never be able to know
until we are it and when we are it
we will never be writing

Trika Anu

And we divided
To make love
We celebrate
by our bodies
and gift this dance
to the universe

And I met you 
in the mist
covering endless
where air is thin

You and I
We never speak
in silence 
we meditate
in full awareness
our senses touch

For each one of
Your colorfully
I do as if I am
adoringly in love
in my chosen 
divine roles
to inspire you

I am that 
part of you
or you
of I
or us 
of one
of love

And we divided
to make love

 video,poetry,music and performed by Alin

visceral green (improvisation)

inspired by the Navratri color of 16 Oct 2015
family painting by Pofidik
background monogram by Alin

performed live by the Mockingbird
a creation of dnalumuland

be green
green of my heart
green of the light
green of my emerald
shines like a pearl
at a holy spot
beyond the mind