My first artichoke dish

Today I came across two charming artichokes at the Saturday market
I always thought these are difficult to prepare when unpeeled but…
The result was yummy thanks to mom’s quick recipe:

Slice off the outer and inner petals
Peel the sides like an apple
You can remove the fuzzy hair like middle with the help of a spoon
Give it a rinse and rub the whole heart with a lemon (to avoid color change)
Place the hearts in a pan
Add onions, salt, some sugar, water and olive oil
Cook for 25 to 45 minutes depending on the size
You can decorate with peas and carrots if you like
I like eating these cold . Often artichokes decorate Turkish meze tables as a cold meze.

​Enjoy 🙂

You can also eat the base of the petals , the crispy white part like a delicacy to gnaw on 😀