The sequence knows itself

effortlessly unfolds itself by itself

Life happens according to spiritual readiness 

All experience is asana
The world All inclusive
A body

and Life
A reflection on a fluidish surface
Made of the stuff Self is made of

and Life
An exploration
Dissolving its goal to itself

As there cannot be a goal between I and I (the self)

Image: meditative sketch with color pencil . Second and third images are versions of the mirror filter applied on the first and they amaze me somehow 

As lovers sleep

Dear teacher
When I think of you
my inner self shines with smiles
First you showed me how to stand
and on this blessed day
I have succeeded to maintain
that balance effortlessly
Here I fell in love
with the stars
upside down but
Has it already been  night
By the side of the worlds
we used to meditate?

it’s for the
True self to
and surpass
the compassionate words
of a beloved one
Made of unending
whose living act
moment by moment
this universe
Union of
equivalent selves
but apart
s/he remains

And so
I dare to leave flesh
to live in a world
made of dreams
Not so different than
where we have first met
but a bondage of gates broken
was in the void just
A void apart deserted
by the grace of now
from where I write
These dispersible words
made of sound
A turbulence of blissful
Noise all at its place
Surrounding its peace
In the hub

Dear teacher
doing asanas today
I haven’t even moved once
Ours is an unmovable seat
An incessant dance
To adorn those dreams
Maybe of a green river
While you cross a bamboo bridge
Shines its tones of the heart
Before sunset
In skies of landscapes
Where I pedal mantras
As lovers sleep

photo by Alin, flowers for Shiva, 2016