Beer For Free


Improvised /words and music created on site –
words by Aline and guitar by Robbert van Nispen

Someone dropped my beer
I don’t have it written nowhere (I mean the lyrics!)
Just … he said
“I am so sorry
You may have one for free”

And I thought
And I thought
And I thought

I actually didn’t think

I just said to myself:
That should be Alright
a free beer right?
Why not!
Let’s take it
but No …

He had it reserved for his girlfriend

Hey what a shame!
just a coin – reserved for your girlfriend and
You gave it for free
to me!

I ain’t gonna get that one

No boy
You’re too young for me
and I gave it back to him
I thought it’s better not to…

Just listen
to the music
and let my chances

Hey Cowboy!
Are you gonna dance with me?

And then
He played
On and on and on

a cloud is I

when I catches of you in I’s mind
at once I converts  to a cloud in the sky
because I knows a cloud is no different than you
a basketball bounces to  draw the boundaries of a back yard
a bearer space made of sounds of a game

cloud is such a temporary vessel
carrying you’s finiteness
or I’s desire of home coming
distances in between  disqualify
exemplifying all I ness outside
you becomes I

Aging Date

I look through the mirror
to see your bold face on mine
you know well
I like seeing me pretty
shining your brightness through the mine

but hail at times like this
I so love to charm bees
it’s the corner blowing a holy breeze
setting up the pattern of a date
of my aging dreams

maybe today
maybe tomorrow
I say
first time after a decade
to be delayed again
for a no appointed time ahead
keeping it as a morning dream

when others sleep
only then I feel alright
by afternoon it all sinks down
by sunset  I am bored after a shag –
It’s just rolling cigs you bet
maybe we still are  fine –
but  holding a lighter is its only remaining charm
and the smoke pulls me apart making me its own
i wanna smoke but the smoke wants me not
as if … and  the illusion of the mind

talking about it …just a hype
that’s why I only stay inside
to read my unwritten dream
but who knows who knows I say again
with an envy I reckon before sexy highs  disappear in sighs
I shape my red lipstick to absolute lines
to be faded away after an apple
replacing an imaginary kiss
I walk out
with you again
doing as if I am alone


so let’s make him fall in love with her
for fun
so they can play hide and seek
in the endless corridors of their spaceship
where time doesn’t exist
All made of a dream
anyone can visit
and listen to the echoes
of a never found love
bouncing back in minds

randomly distributed
never settling cycle
dissolving details of cutout silhouettes
resembling maybe a hand
maybe a heel or a skin
always a tip of something fleeing

you name it then
we make it – a classic
always just around the corner
a Fun-set that can easily convert
to a horror movie of one’s mind

It’s a choice really
the hihihi
bewildered eyes indissoluble
Is sche cryin or laugin?
kinda thing

so let’s make him fall in love with her
for fun
so we can see the

Hide and Seek

Lost in the dreamiest corridors
of presumptions of love
We play hide and seek somewhere
Hung as a  coordinateless  terrace
All made of glass
We perpetually follow a fading echo
resonating our halved hearts

The horror movie made of our minds
A game of endless seeking made of defined time
A jarring laughter of fleeing lines
Sweeping long hair before or after an
edged out fold of an elbow
In prison we are

Caught in  an incessant illusion of expectation of body mind
we seek a time shell
to become the bath of you’s holy breath
and always to a you we cling on as a superfluous desire
misting the enlightened transparency
reflecting the hues of time blurred gleam
An ever escaping dream I am in and
I am hurt until we shall forget to be the very
not resisting move of a prayer
and so  we shall convert  to a thoughtless residue of our own light
and so we shall pass bodiless through to the lover or I