In your eyes

The sky


like your eyes

I am but a reflection
in yours

It has always been so

but …

my stand is firm

Embracing this sky

It has always been so

Knowing you 🙂

It will stay so

All that
An asana

of your and my love


Like a dream!

Like a tale!
She cherished
Like a dream
I muttered
It’s just real!
He exclaimed

We looked a while more
until a cloud gulped the crest and changed its shape
until the mountains received an expression fitting to a radio ad:
“State of the art stage light technology!”
and marked a line of difference
of heights
of direction
of time
of mood
of changing gloom

An awareness urging to drop
Such identification
down a valley

A valley that manifests now
for that reason only

Facing the west
I said proudly
Confirming where east is
while the sun sets

Only if we were giants!

We could stand then barefeet on edges of these mountains – curves looking like beach rocks

We laughed
The echo
Converted us to giants

We saw us from times
as once they were covered
by ocean waters
and we picked skyflowers
growing over clouds
Rising the moons and the suns

maybe also
Like now
If ours were more real

What if we were
as small as
Eagles are – to our sight – circumferencing skies

Or theirs?


An unheard echo of a laugh
From inside Lost
in a wild flowing
glacier water
Converted us to
something smaller
and translucent like
a ripple
Ready to play
A float of a fallen-bloom
Like a note
In a symphony

Until the light floated higher
towards a crest
and became a light-pin
of a pin-crest
Pinning soon a gleam
of unseen stars
which determine
Our true size

Laugh! Laugh!

Only then
‘Like magic!’
he points at a torchlight
from a scarce mountain forest

We both hope they are alright
We both know what it means getting lost on an endless balcony path without a map after sunset

Drama tic tac tic tac tic
Like that sharp mark on rocks
The shadows of extreme lights
Cut rising lights of highs and darks
of bottoms discriminated by mountains and valleys
soon to be dumped in the spook of a mind

How real or unreal is
the existence of such a line?

If it were a tale or a dream
or real

is the
Unchanging symphony

of all changes
A bird sings

Like a tale!
She cherishes
Like a dream
I mutter
It’s just real!
He exclaims

Holding hands
We become
Word of words
Body of bodies
Sound of sounds
And incessantly remain
In the unchanging Symphony
of all changes

Beyond clouds is my love

I spent a fortune today
to hide from the world
and escape

train to train

Tracks are never enough
to lengthen a day
made of daydreams
of you

and melting
Bending even

wires accelerating
because of this heat
of a mind
that I want to brutally

Copying you over
But only on me

to see whether
after all

For the movie I say
which I saw what I have seen once again

once which was
on a stage of dreams of others’
after midnights
in a street

stage changing

Crossing bridges
Connecting flat lands
A play of green
For the play
This one is different I say

Movie where the half moon
would love to take a part in

Haha and
So I could think
think of you again while
The moon adorns my sky
Like this half
from today

While I am thinking of you
While I say:


one more time

One more time

If you were with me
It wouldn’t be such a luxury
as it is now
On my own
In this dream
of a dream

See it’s for the movie
I say

I say
then slip again
to embody


Seeing these clouds now
In the shape of all lovers

That has become for you

I think they can see
See me too
While I think
Think of you

because I shine
Shine then
Same as you
And so they can see
See me
the transparent windows
which I hide and write

and trees
At every station that we stop
Hear me

and you


Like the skies of all parks
Living their blues
in pristine waters only

A rain droplet is my love
Fragile but
intact on a surface that holds it
for a moment
just in its magnificent form
and as temporary
as my own

A rain droplet is my love
in which I have hidden
you today like a wish

Its true nature


For the play

is today

A rainbow above
that droplet
upside down
Beyond clouds
Beyond clouds
a love poem
to mine


Beer For Free


Improvised /words and music created on site –
words by Aline and guitar by Robbert van Nispen

Someone dropped my beer
I don’t have it written nowhere (I mean the lyrics!)
Just … he said
“I am so sorry
You may have one for free”

And I thought
And I thought
And I thought

I actually didn’t think

I just said to myself:
That should be Alright
a free beer right?
Why not!
Let’s take it
but No …

He had it reserved for his girlfriend

Hey what a shame!
just a coin – reserved for your girlfriend and
You gave it for free
to me!

I ain’t gonna get that one

No boy
You’re too young for me
and I gave it back to him
I thought it’s better not to…

Just listen
to the music
and let my chances

Hey Cowboy!
Are you gonna dance with me?

And then
He played
On and on and on

a cloud is I

when I catches of you in I’s mind
at once I converts  to a cloud in the sky
because I knows a cloud is no different than you
a basketball bounces to  draw the boundaries of a back yard
a bearer space made of sounds of a game

cloud is such a temporary vessel
carrying you’s finiteness
or I’s desire of home coming
distances in between  disqualify
exemplifying all I ness outside
you becomes I