I was born in love with you

I was already born in love with you
A body shaped for your love
A love that a body cannot hold alone

I was born in love with you
and with you
A You that I have studied from the start of times that made me Me
and You

I was already born in love with you
Knowing such love cannot only be reserved for an I apart
but for the variegated forms of you as I
all as the universe a truth
And that’s how
And that’s why
I have shaped
By one of your
By one of your loving
As I have shaped
for you

I wrote this for a flower i touched 2 weeks ago and wished from it to become very beautiful and it did so .
It is a true story . I remember falling for you when I was a baby looking to your eyes and feeling shy. The shyness shall be analyzed, understood and resolved …

the divine flower mother


A white flower is my mother
emanates from the immaculate
light of bliss
a firmament of
aesthetic rupture
steeped in
the silence of the truth of the Self

an infinite stream
of consciousness
of her
sprinkles spiritual energy

A white flower is my mother
Lines of plain light draw her
delicate nuance

A space made by
the surge
of divine rapture
manifests atop
a universe of veins
funneling of peace
and of bliss
by her pure light

in silence
of true