My bulgur recipe

baked in olive oil
Turkish red chilli
Cut pieces of celery
Black pepper mix
Some dry anise herb spread
Eyes nose mouth made of pickle
cooks for 15 minutes until there are holes on top then cools down 10min top closed then Ready! &Yummy!

I mostly cook from feeling so no measures are written It happens by itself like a poem ūüôā

My first artichoke dish

Today I came across two charming artichokes at the Saturday market
I always thought these are difficult to prepare when unpeeled but…
The result was yummy thanks to mom’s quick recipe:

Slice off the outer and inner petals
Peel the sides like an apple
You can remove the fuzzy hair like middle with the help of a spoon
Give it a rinse and rub the whole heart with a lemon (to avoid color change)
Place the hearts in a pan
Add onions, salt, some sugar, water and olive oil
Cook for 25 to 45 minutes depending on the size
You can decorate with peas and carrots if you like
I like eating these cold . Often artichokes decorate Turkish meze tables as a cold meze.

‚ÄčEnjoy ūüôā

You can also eat the base of the petals , the crispy white part like a delicacy to gnaw on ūüėÄ

Mom’s Filled Aubergine Pickle recipe

Jenny is¬†a great cook and proudly she still cooks only what a season offers ūüôā

Recently she visited an organic market in Istanbul and forwarded me this very delicious childhood  recipe .

As a child I was more interested in how things looked and the colors of a food more than the taste maybe  but still  I admired and enjoyed seeing how much people enjoyed these.

There was always the pickle-man crossing our streets and shouting something that no one could understand but we all knew this would be the pickle mantra immediately awakening the pickle senses . Some also used to drink pickle juice. I used to observe a little amazed this good friend of mine devouring glasses of pickle juice after school when we were only 12 which was just cool enough to feel cool ¬†and only now I realize ¬†I haven’t even tasted such a glass of pickle juice¬†yet.
Here is  a simple translation of our chat below with some pictures and the recipe :
these eggplants are boiled in moderate warm water.
Place some weight on top and let it stay in a strain until the next day
strain the sourness of the eggplants by placing it in a strainer
and adding some weight on top -(like a cup full of water)
next day You can make  gentle cuts over the top the eggplants to fill
filling the insides of eggplants
the fillings
cut the below ingredients  in small pieces
sweet red pepper, and carrots (shortly boiled)
celery leaves
rock-salt – one soup-spoonful
sugar – one soup-spoonful
some Turkish red-pepper coarse
some black pepper
mix these all and fill the eggplants
then tie the eggplants ideally with celery stalks
you will need to boil the celery stalks¬†for a minute or so so that it does not break –¬†
this might be difficult then you can tie with something else  simply with a clean thread
to keep the inside one piece 
lastly place the filled egg-plants in a jar 
with half a liter water
half a liter vinegar
4-5 soup spoons rock salt dissolved
cover the top with celery leaves
keep the top tightly closed for 2 months
you can open at earliest after two months
and eat it !

or else I will reserve some for you!