The Conjugative Truth of an Apple

Video and Improvisation: an improvisation with artist/guitarist Robbert van Nispen

Thanks to Robbert for quick-working instructions  : (he said : ‘you do not need to act’ and I threw away the piece of paper with words) and Thanks to my muse as always! 🙂

Looks like while performing and not knowing what to say at times
I fill in with so many conjunctives … :

actually let’s not look to the past
let’s make something new just
as it is!
I am …..
I mean it’s just…
it’s just wisdom
the wisd…
it’s just reality
and reality is no-wisdom
Reality is …like
what it is….
You know
You know …
of course you know But
I just…
or is that the truth?
is reality the truth?

I’m gonna note that down and
I’m gonn…
I will just write it
and we will see
what comes out
it does not require thinking of course
we know it but
when we are…just like tuning in
it’s a different …
sensational perception
that also means that
you’ll … ahhm…just need to shut up
and listen to the music just
I mean
“Let’s come up with something new” ??
You don’t need to come up with something new!!
It’s already new , every time is new
and new is just a concept in your mind
that’s why I say that
I mean
It’s not interesting what I say
I know that but
It’s just … it’s just something like
I am looking for … to tune in to your talk
and it’s not always that easy you know
it goes further than my words … actually
what you’re saying … and …
I’m just trying to catch up with you … it’s…
you go on and on and on …!
and … you know-
I don’t know what to do sometimes … itss…
I am left to talking… like a talking machine
like it… without thinking
words are flushing out of my mouth
it could have been easier
if I could just …
Don’t say shut up!
that’s all the point there is
I am gettin it now
You play because you don’t want to hear me talking
That’s it … now I’m gettin it …
Arghh how terrible you are!
I just eat an apple then
Ha ha