Reflection of reflection

We sit in meditation
 like holding hands
 We connect from our hearts
 to manifest
 the pattern
 of the Stars

which becomes a reflection
 of the lover's dream

in waters

which manifests
 and materializes
 a dock
 to tie itself to

 the gates
 between three worlds

for those who can see

all the rest
 as a means

appear within
 the knowledge of the self

an awareness of which
 is the bridge
 connecting both sides

a bike to cross
 to reach the ship
 where lovers' meet

 all that
 to a sparkle

from the water
 to the sky
 from the sky
 to the lover's eye

that has been

 as of

Leiden Haven

I will always write for you

I will always write
for you
if you want me to
you is me
you is he
you is she
you is love

I will always write for you
if you want me to
from my holy cave alone
send you frequency
which you require
to rise  and hold us
in one sacred sphere
made of your light
and my words

I will always write for you
learning not to be affected
let that be my challenge alone
by the tempting thoughts of you
by my body desiring you

not touching that body
not letting it be touched
where I cannot…

in this cave I have sunlight
pools grow
in front
just to nourish me
by your reflection

through melting snow
through dripping droplets
from rain leaves bigger than I
through secret metal hidden in
amalgamous rocks

birds and animals
bring me cherishment
when I play my guitar
and say I cannot play
they manifest
the  vibration of love

such are my words
inspired by your love
hiding a secret gift
I will always write for you

anonymously let it bring you love from all
let it encircle us
us – this world

tiny droplets
most nourishing
water of life
reflect your light

gift me a rainbow hair
at its connected end
once moved
to left and right
hits the walls
of my cave
and reflect us
the  pure crystal echo

an unending sound of our love
inaudible in time

I will always write for you
at the expense of my being pulled
seven levels down
-instead of seven levels up-

I flied endless valleys where wild to calm waters meet the ocean
crossed pine forests and those resembling ones
from other worlds and times
where we come from

I have prayed each and every night
for your healing
while you slept in a bed made of lover’s bosom
hung it from the moon
and painted crystal color stars
in skies for you

trees sheltering your dreams
you slept and slept and slept and slept

while I studied your pure heart unit by unit
and asked it to be reinstalled

I walked my days with your tiredness and pain
at the expense of losing my favorite red gloves
wished peace during your sleep
wished rejuvenation

I gave a flower to my yoga teacher
that will bring you around the world
so that you will heal by joy
so that your healing sprinkle joy
as a Namaste

I will always write for you
you know
if you want me to

you the manifestation of the teacher gifted to me by this new breath
you the shape of my desire which I shall overcome to meet in the land of truth
you whom I shall once more desire freely in supreme consciousness
as supreme consciousness

I will always write for you

photo by Alin, 2015