the holy sand from holy lands somewhere in the multiverse brought by us accompanied by cows and rainbows as we do yoga sinking golden droplets of sun on horizons to bless and adorn as dawns on lands of parallel universes all of which we watched sitting at a beach on our yoga mats sipping the ambrosia of all tastes resembling a dance of romance of a summer spirit that starts and ends fitting to two marking rays both celebrated by the sun unquestioning but in full awareness of burgeoning of a rhythm of breath driven by grace  we are the players of this video game appearing here and there the travelers of Satya crossing time teaching timelessness.

for a dear friend and an amazing mind endlessly supporting me  – 🙂
Nityam means Always 
title here is inspired by the word  ‘tasyaopalabdhih’   – I read it after writing these words as if the answer universe gave me in one word combining all the above words.  Inspiring and Inspired such are these cows! :)x