For each of your exhalation
There is a snowflake
Touching her skin
Sprinkling joy to her face
Through the winking
of the eyes
A heavenly smile
illuminates skies
with which you can smell
Smell her
like the universe

Aerial view

Like a dream!

Like a tale!
She cherished
Like a dream
I muttered
It’s just real!
He exclaimed

We looked a while more
until a cloud gulped the crest and changed its shape
until the mountains received an expression fitting to a radio ad:
“State of the art stage light technology!”
and marked a line of difference
of heights
of direction
of time
of mood
of changing gloom

An awareness urging to drop
Such identification
down a valley

A valley that manifests now
for that reason only

Facing the west
I said proudly
Confirming where east is
while the sun sets

Only if we were giants!

We could stand then barefeet on edges of these mountains – curves looking like beach rocks

We laughed
The echo
Converted us to giants

We saw us from times
as once they were covered
by ocean waters
and we picked skyflowers
growing over clouds
Rising the moons and the suns

maybe also
Like now
If ours were more real

What if we were
as small as
Eagles are – to our sight – circumferencing skies

Or theirs?


An unheard echo of a laugh
From inside Lost
in a wild flowing
glacier water
Converted us to
something smaller
and translucent like
a ripple
Ready to play
A float of a fallen-bloom
Like a note
In a symphony

Until the light floated higher
towards a crest
and became a light-pin
of a pin-crest
Pinning soon a gleam
of unseen stars
which determine
Our true size

Laugh! Laugh!

Only then
‘Like magic!’
he points at a torchlight
from a scarce mountain forest

We both hope they are alright
We both know what it means getting lost on an endless balcony path without a map after sunset

Drama tic tac tic tac tic
Like that sharp mark on rocks
The shadows of extreme lights
Cut rising lights of highs and darks
of bottoms discriminated by mountains and valleys
soon to be dumped in the spook of a mind

How real or unreal is
the existence of such a line?

If it were a tale or a dream
or real

is the
Unchanging symphony

of all changes
A bird sings

Like a tale!
She cherishes
Like a dream
I mutter
It’s just real!
He exclaims

Holding hands
We become
Word of words
Body of bodies
Sound of sounds
And incessantly remain
In the unchanging Symphony
of all changes

“familiar Right?

when we are
so well

This transparency…


That can
ever be known

in the smiling awareness
of the unknown

the mind – (…like the one busy with western psychology etc.!)

The revealed
in silence

in silence only

always now
in your light
by your light
as a basis

not needing
the outer edges
of a skin

so as to be called a beauty-queen

A goddess
A goddess just
in the shape of a universe

and not
the universe
knowing beyond the the

a god
a god just
Yes just

Simple as that
We are

Both the same”


Light is the sun that shines
beyond our gratitude

It is impossible not to sense the closeness
each time I close my eyes

Would that be closer than skins untouching ?

The gap: causing the desireless stress of presence

of the other
because of itself

My mind  

For what
We celebrate is
a precision of love
made of
our wordless waves
that subtly replaces
and sculpts my
gross lines
to their

We are transparent
space casts its chassis
Made of us
our deserted shells

as we fuse
to fit in things
Color of sound
now as big as
its encapsulating hall
We are time only
to heal


photo by Alin, Feb 2016, Hampi


ink and watercolors on canvas - AIR #3-(Augmented Irradiations 3-1) 35x27 cm

ink and watercolors on canvas – AIR #3-(Augmented Irradiations 3-1) 35×27 cm

I was falling in full speed
lured and pulled by
thoughts of
“I love you” s 

along the edges of sharp rocks
of some unknown grounds

“i love you” s
animated inside out 
of a delusioning  
concave-convex shape

you don't know 
by which one 
you were 
in or out 
“i love you  uuuuuuuoooooaaaaaaaaa”

as I approached 

the ouuuuuuuuoooooaaaaaaaaa 
part of y 
getting bigger 
and larger 

ready to gobble me in one go
by the shape of the sound
lost or blind
foggy or dark
through the deafening speed
or storm 

I heard someone repeatedly say:

time sleep

time sleep

and so
I wished
for time sleep 

while learning
what it means
to wish for
one thing

I got pulled up

by a cloud 

by the friends 
of the cloud

All constituting a blessed chorus 
of clouds
singing something like:

loves youuuu 
but youuuu'

however I wishfully imagined it to be something like:

'No it’s s/he that loves youuuu but not you' :D 

flattering the remains of my ego
but neither of the two was what they were really telling
they were singing to make a shape!

a shape that I could be placed in safely
a shape that could ideally form
at a point :
when rainbows know that they are being 
wished for 
and show up on the surface of a sphere
my voice would serve to become the seal of the gap
that could even effortlessly freeze a soap bubble!!

“I am slowly getting it”  I said

as I approached
and as the micro units to the crash
got doubled then tripled 

you know how it goes 
as he (or a thing or h or x or i ) approaches to zero

my breathlessness diminishes

and I slowly perceive the truth
of the words  dreamily saying :

'who are  youuuu
who are youuuu'

and  ingeniously making a curly shape 
with the form of the sound of the 
'whoareyou' s
connecting one edge of the sound to the other 
until it could sound like 
'I am you' !

so when the “who are you”s
got equal to 
'i am you'  s
when and where
again ingeniously
all the “he” s in 
'he loves you'
got equaled to 
“I” (` I love I)

That point
became a coordinate
of a perfect bubble 
which I got placed in
and pulled up 

and so that all
just before the crash
just before the crash
I became something 

and joined to their song 
as the lead 

singing with a sound
between a squeak 
and a Hum

only and thoughtlessly an 
'I love you'
which in reality must have sounded
something like:
like a fish bubble

matching to 
- as I said before -
each “you” of ‘I love you’  
to an  “I”  (` I love I)

while embracingly
all the “you” bubbles got replaced by the “I”s 
the winds got balanced
to a black haired
blue dressed 
ancient wind goddess
performing the dance of
fierce fun for fun 
and shaping the wind

Fun continued 
until I became it  again 

a shine 
on and of 
a bubble

all the whatever
I seemed to have been  made of

getting rid of the remains of 
the trace 
amounts of heavier elements
(and keeping
those that which has the ability
to hold me together authentically by my own gravity)

I got hydrogenized

and pulled up
by a parachute
strumming in 6/8s
manifesting nude 
the duality
I crossed layers
of loving

it all stopped
some darkness
followed up
beyond skies 
beyond sounds
beyond forms
as if I lost sight
for a moment just
until I crossed
an imaginary ray
from a child’s gaze’s
descriptive point of view
a billionth unit
light years away
twinkling colors
an unnamed
star I am
music continues
Silence remains