A Tale of I

written, spoken, images, video, sound, edits and performed  by Alin Diraduryan

full text as written and sound recording is below:

Because I am

there is no
what is
where I am
when I am

because I am.

I am
is not
because …of

I cannot be questioned
I cannot bear a gap
between I and I


true love
only love
just love

love love

when love is
love love

he and she

living on
distinct time
are entangled

their feel
is mutual

but once
there was
a story
about a  s/he

when s/he –

desire -s
-he and she-

a separation occurs

-light years away from each other-
twin particles
of opposite charges

each living on another star
she conceives
much after
she gives birth

she gives birth
long before
they make love

to he
he : her true love
and she : the daughter of he

the accusation
loops the
of the mundane
of conditionings
of the hidden
and stolen
human powers

not about them
half of one
the faulty was prescribed
for the sake of faultiness

to point at death
or of cycle creation

triggered by
the ejaculated shape
to become one matter
within the object of gravity

a living particle
they desired for

without knowing
what they desired for

it reshaped only while they desired
and they desired only while it reshaped

through the illusion of the visualized
through the precipitation of the finite
within the visualized

and yet
something escaped
as predicted

it was saved within the pure memory of the universe

to make more of its delusive particles
as nature goes

limiting eternal awareness
of the feminine and masculine oneness
dividing holiness into two
detaching mortal from the eternal awareness
dividing the divine into two

the method of nature’s flow
the method is pure
the method of nature’s flow
the method actions by their call
to make them one again
turning the cycle of
he got born from her
or she from his love
she remained immaculate
by the time
nobody knew only the moment of the birth
brought the godessness and the godliness to one

Newton’s apple fell on someone’s head
before the stumbled hit the ground
he saw the shooting star
it was there only because of the moment’s observation
not because of him
not because of the apple
not because the start really was there
nobody knew
he didn’t know
only we know

your memory makes the object of subject for him
for his romance
or tragedy of fall

does not exist until you build
through the object of these words

beware oh
before naively putting words on universe
creating temporary images
on pure memory
little films living in a puff
to come and go at a place that does not exist even

beware oh
before creating bars of our cage by thought born words
beware for ourselves
see until when you want be on exile as such
in the deserts of an ant’s abdominal heart
see until there is nothing to see

then be
because that’s all you can
because that’s all you are
because I is free

spoken version:


Song of the Little Stone

A little stone
found me on my way
she took me in her hands
using my hands
and she whispered
using the sound of the wind:

My gift to you
she said
is the moment
that makes you be
these endless landscapes
I’ve crossed
until our ways met
to touch this way

We exchange to purify
without being attached
no thoughts – no visions –
no appreciation of time –
no expectations from the past –
no intention of the next and after
shall trespass

This is a message to be delivered to you
that shall come in handy sometime
because it’s no mystery that
there really is noone out there
but a technology of
‘when you are not
the will suffers having not
initiated my mud
to sculpt ‘
the following is a swamp

Come lets walk hand in hand
stand on that hill and watch
while the wind blows us through the blue
rounding red yellow curly hue
of high rocks

look inside
and sing now
one as I

then you will see
then you will be
you do not need to touch
pick a stone just
call it mystery
call it technology
all the same
when all there is
is is
not the eyes
but my presence
that which illuminates
sees to dance
and correct postures
sees to be  
the very object
as clarity
eyes gets better
if it were blurred
posture straightens
if it were crimpled
you become the sweetest
shape  of the wind to a bumblebee
an ever expanding
harmonics of a
song unknowingly
for a moment just
for a moment maybe
but such a moment of
a celebration is
comparable to a
lifetime only

Big Pink Blues


a collaborative work of Robbert and Alin
Music and Spoken and Mixed by Robbert and Alin
poetry by Alin Diraduryan – Guitar by Robbert van Nispen

Big Pink Blues
I have something to tell
I have something to tell
I have music in my mind
It’s raining today

As if all blues are gray
Maybe couldn’t sleep so well
but I am well tuned oh so well

I found a big pink letter
to splatter


it is a sign I know
on my lane
tellin me
you’re an in sync domain

streets: flowing color
under a dismay umbrella

reds: tuning blues
of longing hues -in love

yellows: tapping mellows
of purple of orange of green

beats: inviting sun’s hymn

minors: trimming rainbows
to attain a groove with clouds

light : changes in rounds


I have something to tell
I have something to tell
I have music in my mind
maybe couldn’t sleep so well
but a dream is you to come true
as long as my song …
keeps on raining today

yeah so keep on raining today

Once there was an angelland

when angels get deadly bored in  angelland
they decide to matchmake yin and yang
a breathtaking game of -love and hate- kicks off
their watch broadcasts meditative brittle glitters
as expected from the dutiful glitter brittles

finally they also have fun
oh the glorious common hearted one

but for a while it remains
and ubiquitousness escapes

within that while infinite loop
while with
condition always returns

assured  they are
to have hoarded a concept of none
because only none can break the program

it runs
curls and whirls
attracts and repels
hums and vector sums
bubbly groans
made of sour cherry wood drums
asymptotic shapes of ascension moans
‘Oh yes this surely is miraculous!’

one for fun
one for ‘oh please be my hon’
Stay at the jolly night of proms with us
we are so heartily amused!

They travel beyond ignorance
to a pointless point of their own absence
‘for the land’
they repeatedly say
from far far away

lost words as such
slowly produces by-products
made of tingly-wiggly bugs
capable of delaying holiness
of now
capable of creating time
for no one
with a halt sign

until game of supremeness bears a …
made of HUM
a Sound
like none
heard once
along the aileron of  a vitreous dome

the unheard stays
with the one
and which is of one

wipes off that angelland
for the better I guess

Edge of the Universe

Fume of the mystic air
flows to create
an invisible lodge
a harmonic rhythm
of knowing the other.

Sanctuary of Love
shelters the Kiss.

Received touch
makes up
points of  Desire
as flesh and blood
from the etheric.

A fluid transparency
made of interchangeable
unique crystalline particles
of unseen color,
an indefinable atomic structure
Draws contours of a  body
that subtly shapes along the kiss.

‘Kiss me’
is a thankful whisper
‘Play me to a oneness’
gratifies the breath
along  her neck,
lips, forehead
and knees
an anechoic chamber of limpid breeze
rectifying bliss
an irrefutable awareness of joy
a gifted  Unity
an honored desire

She feels the
colors of zephyr and without visualizing
grows into the derived equivalence
of emerging pinks or  jutting greens
she is destined to remain as invisible as
his’… not owned – not reserved

‘nothing stays nowhere
a thing is not received  if you are not there
A blessing of the moment  is everywhere
you are drawn to where and what you truly were’

As the body gets formed
miracle gets real
As miracle gets real
the body gets formed

and mutates
a lucent gate
towards a universe
so The wind can pass

At the edge
she molds
to …
…. a
……….something new

The lover the love
The now at now
senses itself
in white lines
a bridal delicacy
‘A flower’
tales say
with myriad petals
living at the edge of the universe

She reads the volatile coolness
of the warm colored
differently sized light trace  that
the fumes,
the kiss ,
the breath,
the blow,
the zephyr,
the lover
has become for her

she traces
his ever expanding Trace
so that perpetually  he shall progress
for the universe
while she remains
and observes
as her nature requires her to be
as their dual existence is conditioned to
as is nature’s one
or Love’s

She,  the precision of  joy that he creates for
the eternal witness of bliss
Colored by divine light
of rejuvenation
of freedom
of truth
at a place beyond thoughts
at the edge of a universe.