Pofidik Kek

20151013_173838Pofidik kek

Pofidik is my niece . Wiser than I surely.
Last time I saw her she wrote me a recipe of her own
I asked her to please make it fit on one page of my poetry notebook.
Otherwise I said I will be too confused.
She made it fit exactly on one page! Amazing!
I accordingly tried to make my very first Pofidik cake yesterday
And succeeded Yes! proudly.
Oh so joyfully! and kinda dancingly! guess you are becoming what you make once something is done lovingly.
I guess then time always cooperates or is on your side….
Afterwards also called to thank her.
Pofidik says she likes me most among all other tantes
because I am more like a kid 🙂
a kid while she grows up stays as a kid I guess in a child’s dream.
I decorated the pofidik cakes with eatable flowers 😀

Here is the translation of Pofidik’s Pofidik kek (cake) recipe: Try it!

In a deep large bowl add

2 eggs, 1 pack of baking powder, 1 pack of vanilla,
1 tea glass (Turkish tea glass)   oil (I used olive oil)
add walnuts in a freezer sack and fine crush them and put it aside
take the bowl in front of you
add 6 pieces of bitter (dark /+75% cacao) chocolate
add half cup flour (I used whole-wheat flour)
wash lemon covers well and grate them.
and mix it all
and add it in a baking mold
Cook it at 25 fire (I did that part differently a bit)
You can stick the flowers with chocolate paste or add jam or honey if you like